On Saturday, #DojaIsOverParty was trending on Twitter after allegations that singer Doja Cat had made racist comments in a right-wing online chat room.

SAY IT AINT SO! Hold up! 🤚🏼After coming under fire for using homophobic slurs, #DojaCat is trending AGAIN! 🤦🏻‍♀️ This time over video chats which resurfaced online showing her engaging in racists calls. #Doja we need answers 😡👇🏼

Yet by Sunday, people started to apologize when they realized that some of the posts alleging she made those racist remarks didn’t actually contain any evidence that she actually did what she was being accused of.

The song title is actually a racial slur used by the alt-right members for people of colour who state their innocence after being victims of police brutality.

Another report suggests Doja made fun of the 2015 murder of Sandra Bland, who died while in police custody.

Here’s a sampling of how Twitter users have been reacting the quick cancellation/uncancellation on social media:

the way y’all cancelled and uncancelled her before she even made a public statement or denied it being true in the first place #Wearesorrydoja pic.twitter.com/6Q8QC0U4nk

Y’all went from #DojalsOverParty to #WeAreSorryDoja and #dojacatisNOToverparty in less than 24 hours, meanwhile the whole time I been confused about the situation but not confused at the same time: pic.twitter.com/fUo2OmEQBD

doja getting cancelled and uncancelled all within 24 hours…quarantine got people bored bored huh #WeAreSorryDoja pic.twitter.com/RlVmSZfWCZ

Doja then apologized Sunday, insisting she was “sorry for upsetting or hurting” anyone, adding she was “taking this all very seriously.”

Source: https://etcanada.com/news/648320/twitter-says-wearesorrydoja-after-allegations-that-singer-doja-cat-made-racist-remarks-turned-out-to-be-bogus/

World news – FI – Doja Cat Releases Statement After #WeAreSorryDoja Trends, Singer Faces Backlash For Alleged Past Racist Remarks

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