Kendall’s “fraternal twin” told FLARE all about his new Quibi show and what he’s been up to in quarantine

If you haven’t heard about Kirby Jenner yet, allow us to introduce you to your new favourite Kardashian. Kirby, an amateur model, musician and self-proclaimed fashion mogul (he has worked as a sales associate at Marshall’s, as well as a designer for Ross: Dress for Less and Sears),  is the “fraternal twin” of supermodel Kendall Jenner. And before you get all riled up thinking this is some sort of Cinderella situation: no, he has not been sequestered in the basement of Kris’s Calabasas mansion for years. Kirby isn’t actually a Jenner. But he likes to pretend he is online.

Couldn’t find two mosquito costumes in time so instead I dressed up like a tent and Kendall dressed up like a campfire haha!! (Tent Suit by @cliffordjago Campfire Dress by @versace) #ThemeWasCamping #KylieWentAsABird #MetsGala

Since at least 2015, the social media star has built a following on Instagram as Kendall’s “twin,” expertly photoshopping himself into truly iconic photos of the famous fam, and making us wish this was a real thing. Now, he’s coming to a iPhone near you. Kirby Jenner—a show executive produced by Kendall and Kris Jenner themselves—is launching May 24 on Quibi, the phone-only streaming network, and will *finally* let Kirby step into the spotlight he so deserves.

It’s me. I’m the secret 😂 Check out me and the family on my new show #KirbyJenner ‪this SUNDAY‬ on @quibi

Just before the premiere of his show, FLARE chatted with Kirby from his home in California about the show, what he’s up to in quarantine (he recently got a pet turtle aptly named…Turtle), and why he’d most like to be quarantined with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. (Hint: it has something to do with an actual cave).

As close as he is with his fraternal sister Kendall, there’s one thing the pair don’t necessarily agree on: books. Despite the fact that, as of late, Kendall has started something of a low-key book club, with fans clambering to see what books the model has strewn about in the background of her bikini-clad selfies, Kirby’s reading has taken a different route. “I haven’t been doing any book clubs,” the model and TV star admits, “but I have been reading this book about ants and I’m just fascinated by them right now. I’m borderline obsessed with ants.” And he’s not lying. According to Kirby there are “over 12,000 species of ants in the world,” including ones that fly. A terrifying notion, but fear not, us Canadians and Americans are *probably* safe: “I don’t think the flying ants are in Calabasas, but honestly, nobody knows,” he says.

And despite being part of a famous TV fam—and launching his own show—Kirby hasn’t been indulging in *that* much screen time while in quarantine. The model and actor has been spending his limited time in front of the TV watching some of his favourite #TBT animal movies, like Milo and Otis and Air Bud. (Quibi programming, like Reno 911 and Tyler Cameron’s Barkitecture  are also on his watch list). “I did try watching TV the other day,” he says. “I turned on Game of Thrones and I just kept getting so sleepy during it. I know that it’s a great show and it’s amazing and everyone loves it, but the pacing was just a little too slow for me.” (Which is honestly a fair statement when your own family is pretty much enacting an IRL version of “The Red Wedding” at every family event).

Like many of us who are more than two months into quarantine, Kirby has similarly been working on the perfect WFH ’fit, but his is quite simple: “I will say that I’ve been in my white-y tighties a lot during this quarantine,” he says. “Which has been super fun because I can move around in them so well.” Not to mention, as he explains, it’s been super hot in Calabasas lately, “So not having to wear a shirt or pants has been kind of nice.” And, because temps are only about to get hotter, Kirby won’t be changing up his WFH style in the same way many of us will be transitioning from sweatsuit to caftan dresses or bike shorts. “I might just stick with the white-y tighties [because] it’s a fun look.”

If the look is Kimberly-approved (Kirby takes all his fashion inspo from his older sis, Kim, as “the most fashionable one in [the] family”), then even better. “I’ve gotta ask her about my white-y tight-y look,” he says. “I think she would think it’s cool.”

Something else that’s remained relatively cool during quarantine? Kirby’s iconic moustache. Though he’s relatively new on the scene, the soon-t0-be most popular Jenner has become synonymous with his thick, handlebar-esque moustache.

I don’t usually play with my food cause eating it is already so much fun, but when Kevin James asks you to play pizza catch… you don’t turn that shiz down!!! #PizzaCatch #GoldenGlobes #WasBummedSmashmouthDidntPerform #ThoughtSmashmouthWasPerforming #RuinedMomsJacket #WhitePowerSuit #WaitNVM

And despite barbers and hairdressers across North America being shut down, Kirby’s moustache has remained intact and iconic as ever—because he trims it himself (using kitchen sheers, no less). “I feel like I wouldn’t trust someone else touching my moustache,” he confirms. And no, he does not have a quarantine beard, for a very specific reason: “I tried, but I can’t grow a beard at all, it’s really weird,” Kirby says. “My facial hair just doesn’t really grow in on the sides;  I can’t even say that I have a patchy beard…I just don’t have a beard at all.” Which honestly tracks, the Kardashian-Jenner family—who’ve become known for laser removing their baby hairs and having bodies as hairless as Ron Stoppable’s mole rat in Kim Possible—is destined to forever remain hairless. So it’s pretty much a rite of passage for Kirby.

And while Kirby may not be currently quarantining with his famous sibs, if he *were* to shack up in one of their McMansions, he knows exactly who he’d choose: “Kimberly and Kanye would be so amazing,” he says. “I don’t know if you’ve seen their house before, but it’s incredible.” Specifically, Kirby points to KKW’s two fridges—one in the kitchen for food and one in the garage solely dedicated to drinks. “I mean, to me, that’s an ultimate symbol of class,” he says of her fridges.

Not to mention the fact that, as Kirby reveals, West has a *literal* man cave. No, we’re serious. “He has this cave underground that’s underneath the whole house,” Kirby says. “It’s dark and kind of wet down there because it has this waterfall and he spends a lot of time tinkering with all this crazy high tech gear and there’s bats everywhere. It’s so cool.”

This morning, me and Kanye ate 17 boxes of Froot Loops together in total silence. I threw up afterwards. It’s something I’ll cherish forever. #TheKanyePartNotTheThrowUp #FrootLoopsGang #ToucanSam #Birds

If the idea of West having a legitimate man cave is hard to believe (and please do take this info with a grain of salt), what’s not hard to believe is the fact that Kirby’s show is going to be funny AF. And the least well-known member of the Kardashian-Jenner family is *so* excited for people to get to know him. “The show was actually kind of my mom’s idea,” Kirby says of the decision to branch out on his own. But not to worry, because fans of Keeping Up with the Kardashians can expect a lot of the same antics from Kirby Jenner. “It’s a reality show except it follows me and it’s honestly got a little bit of everything,” Kirby says. “It’s got fashion and modelling, obviously. It’s got pyrotechnics. A pigeon is in it. I spent a week with a business clown. I do some singing. I play hockey.” (Something he notes will be especially thrilling for Canadians). “It’s  fun and I’m excited to just show the world what we do behind closed doors.”

And that includes cameos from his famous sisters. Yes, even Kourtney. “We have this scene together where she’s driving in the car and I call her…and it’s riveting,” he says.

For those looking to get more of Kirby aside from his show, the entrepreneur has a lot more in store. Because like the rest of his famous fam (aside from Rob), he has tons of side hustles. “I’m working right now on a stage show; it’s a rollerblading magic show,” he says. “There’s birds involved. I can’t say too much about it right now, but it’s something that I’m working on and we’ll see how it goes.”

While Kirby says he’s been taking this time at home to “relax a ton,” ultimately he says he’s excited to see more people. “I miss my friends and my family—which I think a lot of people can relate to,” he says. And, he already has some *major* plans for what he wants to do once it’s safe to venture outside again. “My family and I had been planning to do this trip to the Hoover Dam, and I’m wanting to try swimming again,” Kirby says. (To be clear, not swimming *in* the Hoover Dam, although if it’s a possibility…then maybe). “I’ve also been craving a corn dog from the Calabasas Mall food court, so that’s somewhere I might go after quarantine.”


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