“I enjoy everything Kate McKinnon has done, but seeing her as Jeff Sessions was the absolute best.”

“Alec Baldwin’s sketches as Donald Trump have been too much (in the funniest way). My entire family bursts out laughing whenever he makes a guest appearance on SNL, and he has honestly made the show so much funnier.”

“Jay Pharoah did the most spot-on Barack Obama impression, but it was hilarious when The Rock took on the role with ‘The Rock Obama’ sketch. It was such a funny play on words, and maybe one of the most memorable political spoofs in SNL history.”

“Tina Fey as Sarah Palin will go down as a classic. Honestly, anytime Sarah Palin comes to mind, all I can picture is Tina Fey — and I’ve even met the real one!”

“The Sarah Palin sketch with Amy Poehler as Hillary Clinton was absolutely genius. She did a great impression, and I’ll watch that sketch over and over again without ever getting bored.”

“When Maya Rudolph first appeared as Kamala Harris during the ‘2020 Democratic Debate’ sketch, it was my favorite. Her ‘I’mma tell my kids this was Michelle Obama’ meme joke was sooooo good.”

“Cecily Strong was brilliant as Melania Trump, especially in the ‘Melanianade’ sketch! It really made the bleak 2016 election a lot more enjoyable.”

“The Sean Spicer press conference with the props was hands down one of the best SNL sketches ever. Melissa McCarthy was genius.”

“Will Ferrell as George W. Bush will forever be iconic. His speech about which countries were in the ‘axis of evil’ was hysterical, especially when he named ‘one of the Koreas’ as one of the countries.”

“Somebody asked me if I’d pick anyone other than Dana Carvey as George H.W. Bush for the best SNL political impression, and I said, ‘Not gonna do it, wouldn’t be prudent, not at this juncture.'”

“The ‘Women of Congress’ sketch is one of my favorite political moments on SNL, especially because of Leslie Jones’ impression of Maxine Waters. She was absolutely hilarious, and I don’t think anyone else could’ve delivered her funny intro as brilliantly.”

“Matt Damon did a great job impersonating Brett Kavanaugh, even down to the way he speaks. Pretty much everyone else in that sketch was amazing. Regardless of whether you saw the actual hearing, SNL did a good job making fun of the ridiculousness of Kavanaugh’s speech.”

“Cecily Strong’s Dianne Feinstein was hilarious, especially when she argued with all of the schoolchildren. It was spot-on!”

“Darrell Hammond was an amazing Bill Clinton. He even mastered the patented ‘I Feel Your Pain’ lip bite.”

No one could’ve done a better job of impersonating AOC than Melissa Villaseñor. She delivered her one-liners in the most hilarious way, and I hope she continues to play her in the upcoming season!

“Kate McKinnon as Kellyanne Conway as Pennywise in the gutter was just the best. I laughed so hard!”

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/kaylayandoli/best-snl-political-impressions-and-sketches

News – 15 Times “SNL” Actors Absolutely Nailed Their Political Impressions