This really messed me up. I always thought asparagus was green. Well, until I lived in Germany. Don’t take my word for it. Germans actually have an entire *festival* around white asparagus called “Weisser Spargel Fest,” which runs annually from April to June.

This Bavarian specialty is a combination of juicy, tender pork goodness, wrapped with a crispy, salty skin. It’s great to chase down with a big stein of your favorite beer!

I am completely addicted to this stuff, but German quark is basically a cross between Greek yogurt and cheese. It’s chock-full of protein, calcium, and it tastes really close to ricotta cheese, but with just a tinge of yogurt-y texture.

Pickled eggs are a form of pub grub in Germany. I never knew you could pickle eggs. I thought pickling was only for veggies?

Usually found in northern Germany, elderberry soup is a soup made up of boiled elderberries, spiced with a dash of cinnamon or garlic. It’s super light and refreshing!

Every time I saw these at the supermarket, I burst out laughing. Almost every German grew up on Super Dickmann’s marshmallows, that’s for sure!

I never tried these when I lived in Germany, ’cause I was frankly terrified. But blood sausage is made up of animal blood, fat, and meat.

It’s not the ~wurst~ thing in the world, but it’s *so* German. *Drumroll* say hello to curry spice ketchup. It tastes similar to ketchup, but comes with this tanginess that’s so hard to describe. But it’s *so good!*

I never quite understood what paprika flavor was supposed to taste like? None of the paprika chips I had ever tasted like a bell pepper, that’s for sure.

Germans are *obsessed* with chocolate. During my time there, I had all sorts of wild chocolate flavors that I couldn’t get back home. Bars had all kinds of flavors stuffed in them (read: tortilla chips, corn flakes, and rum raisins)!

Mettbrötchen is basically a raw minced pork sandwich served with onions. It’s usually eaten for brekky!

Mettigel is basically a form of raw minced meat, but without the bun like you had with a mettbrötchen. Instead, it’s shaped in the form of a hedgehog, and usually served at buffets.

I saw jars of herring salad all over German supermarkets, and I never got around to trying it out. It’s apparently a concoction of salted herring and vinegar.

No, it’s not kale. It’s “salad” made of sausages, cheese, and pickles. Oh, there are also decorative tomatoes, apparently.

Nope, hot dogs aren’t popular in Germany. Instead, sausages are served up pipin’ hot in a bowl of hot water, with a pretzel and some sweet mustard on the side. And yes, they’ll laugh if you want your ketchup. Seriously.

There are a gajillion flavors of Haribo in every German supermarket (read: black licorice, marshmallow, cotton candy, and more!). Some supermarkets have an entire ~aisle~ dedicated to Haribo gummies.

Yes, you read that right. Tongue sausage is made out of pickled tongues with a hint of ground pepper and spices.

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News – 17 Foods In Germany That’ll Confuse Americans