In this video, during The New Day: Feel The Power podcast, Big E explains his dream match with Goldberg. Both Big E and Goldberg are larger gentlemen, and not the most acrobatic, which led to the hilarious explanation of Big E trying to sell why this match would be like old school wrestling.

Stepping into Bray Wyatt’s Firefly Funhouse for a match that might have been the gutsiest decision in 2020 sports entertainment. It paid off big with a parody match making fun of John Cena’s career…with none other than John Cena making fun of himself.

The segment was self-aware comedy gold, and even featured a “Devil” Vince McMahon puppet declaring the match was, “Such good sh*t.” (A rumored spoken quote from the Devil’s mouth himself).

All eyes were on “The Monday Night Messiah” Seth Rollins when he joined his disciple Murphy in a tag team match after his defeat against Drew McIntyre for the WWE Championship at Money in the Bank. What makes this one of the funniest moments of the year is watching a disheveled Seth sadly standing on the apron the entire match.

What puts this moment head and shoulders above the rest: real-life wife Becky Lynch announced her pregnancy in the same episode making fans question why he was really down: the title loss or the dark cloud of fatherhood?

His sense of humor and ability to not budge an inch was a grand slam, making this an unforgettable moment while also kick-starting a long feud between him and Rey Mysterio.

For the Men’s Survivor Series elimination match (Raw vs. Smackdown), Seth Rollins sacrificed himself for “the greater good” and took a brogue kick from Sheamus to be the first man eliminated.

The moment is even more hilarious realizing Seth was rumored at the time to be taking time off to go be a dad, making it a full circle for his heel character. It also led to a straight 5-0 blowout for Team Smackdown…making his sacrifice comedically meaningless.

That being said, this was the botch of the year. Here’s the play-by-play once you watch the video (starting at 1:25):

Montez looks into the camera and shouts, “Wrestlemania!” He goes on to carry on the scream while running the ropes to set up a dive, but Seth Rollins fails to grab his leg to stop him. So, Montez goes for the dive anyway while opposing manager Zelina Vega shouts “No!” He dives and falls off-screen, so all we hear is a loud CRASH.

The botch is brutal but the way it unfolds is undeniably hilarious. Thankfully, Montez was fine and healthy for Wrestlemania, and he even did a similar diving spot as a tribute.

Adam Pearce had the huge announcement of a triple threat match to decide the man who would “face Drew McIntyre for the WWE Championship.”

Unfortunately (fortunately for fans), his brain autocorrected “McIntyre” and “for the” to gift us the new word: “McInfart.”

There are too many moments to smash into one video, but Bayley’s heel persona versus commentator Michael Cole was priceless throughout 2020.

As a heel, Bayley’s jerkish title run carried the women’s division through the pandemic and her constant trolling of Cole added entertainment to all of her segments.

This was the first WWE show after the pandemic struck. Meaning the first show with no fans and a limited crew to pull off an episode.

Triple H said “hold my ring entrance bottle of water” and was nice enough to serve as color commentator. He is one of the funniest, dry senses of humor in the business and it made for quality television during a tough week.

Say what you want about Vince McMahon, but if he produces a dud segment, he goes all out in the worst (best) way.

Not going into it too much (accept wrestling as fictional story-telling and it is way easier to swallow), Jeff Hardy needed to take a urine test in front of the world before his match against Sheamus. Nothing about this segment is really funny, but I hope the creative team thought it would be a good gag to have his urine sample filled at a comedic volume.

When he held the Intercontinental Championship, he wanted to remind everyone (with his whiteboard) that he is the only worthy contender. That didn’t stop Jeff Hardy from ruining his gag by writing “J-E-F-F H-A-R-D-Y” on the whiteboard.

This led to AJ backstage trying to emphatically erase Hardy’s name, only to realize it was written in permanent marker. Again, the comedy is all in AJ’s acting.

In the grand finale of the absurd Rey Mysterio-Seth Rollins rivalry saga. Oh, if you missed out: Seth pulled Rey’s eye out, Rey’s family attacked Seth’s disciple Murphy with kendo sticks, Rey’s daughter, Aaliyah, is in love with Murphy, and this rivalry has dragged on for months.

So for the grand finale spot (timestamp: 2:23), Seth positions himself for Rey’s 619 finisher after Murphy turned on him. The big finish ends with Rey awkwardly flying through the ropes and having to reset the whole spot.

It sums up a rivalry that was messy, but also entertaining, and that’s all that matters.

@WWE @RandyOrton @AlexaBliss_WWE If only there was a way to get a photo of Randy Orton’s head on Randy Orton’s body without using photoshop

WWE decided to use a graphic with a photoshopped Randy head. Why? No idea. The man hasn’t really aged in the past decade, so the Viper should be insulted by this rushed edit.

One of the more wholesome laughs of the year involves the true Money in the Bank winner Otis.

In a bizarre blindfolded test created by his tag partner Tucker, Otis’ on-camera girlfriend Mandy Rose sneaks in for a quick kiss. Otis is surprised but not alarmed with the potential of his buddy offering a good luck kiss. It was a wholesome moment and reiterated these two as good buds.

Elevator gags…weight room mayhem…men being thrown off rooftops. The funniest moment had to be AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan accidentally fighting in Chairman Vince McMahon’s office.

An intense exchange between the company’s World Champions Drew McIntyre and Roman Reigns ends so accidentally hilarious, the WWE edited it out on YouTube.

After the Scottish Warrior and the Island Dog of the Table (Roman has too many nicknames. Pick one, man) sign a contract for Survivor Series, Roman’s manager Paul Heyman gives Roman’s belt back to him. Unfortunately, the velcro of the belt was picked up by the microphone.

It was like letting one rip at the family table and was hard to take two men, trying to act macho, seriously. Take a look at the full video (timestamp: 6:30).

Enter the Firefly Funhouse (Blue’s Clues for monsters), and meet Friendship Frog. It was the delightful frog’s first and last appearance alive on the show and his tribute at the end of the segment is priceless.

Just when the “Phenomenal One” AJ Styles thinks he buried Undertaker, the Dead Man appears behind him (along with a miraculous floodlight).


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