Because sometimes you don’t want to sit through a whole movie for that sweet, sweet adrenaline rush.

*But no, really. Some of these scenes contain GRAPHIC IMAGERY, some are JUMP SCARES, and almost ALL contain SPOILERS for their respective films, so…please proceed with caution. Love ya! Happy Halloween!

One-sentence context: A nurse is closing up a hospital late at night as everyone else exits, leaving her alone…OR IS SHE?!

One-sentence context: A young girl ventures away from her parents into a hall of mirrors at a carnival where she finds herself…no, really.

One-sentence context: A young man accidentally falls asleep in bed alone, with a whole-ass TV on top of him, after his friends specifically asked him not to.

One-sentence context: A group of American research scientists are being terrorized by an unknown force on their remote base in Antarctica when one of their own (seemingly) has a heart attack.

One-sentence context: Basically, a dad finds a box of old home movies that are not his family’s and insists on watching them, even though they all end up being snuff films — this is one of those films.

One-sentence context: Pee-wee hitches a ride with a friendly truck driver who’s got a knack for spooky tales.

One-sentence context: A mother reveals to her son that he had a rather spooky childhood that he has barely any memory of.

One-sentence context: A group of friends go spelunking (why?!) in an unmapped cave when an uninvited guest shows up.

One-sentence context: A mother is caught in a never-ending game of hide-and-clap with one of her children…OR IS SHE?!

One-sentence context: Listen, I know this is from the reboot, which is controversial, but this scene is MESSED UP, and you need no context besides this title: “A Group of Kids Picked Up a Hitchhiker.”

One-sentence context: A group of real-life people who are definitely not actors go into the woods in search of a witch, and they soon disappear one by one.

One-sentence context: A young woman is being followed by a metaphor for STDs that no one else around her can see, when THIS happens.

One-sentence context: No context is needed, really; it’ll just make you too afraid to drive on a highway ever again.

One-sentence context: A young woman enjoys a peaceful lake where absolutely nothing bad could happen — trust me; ignore the video’s thumbnail.

One-sentence context: A brother speeds home from a party with his sister, who is having a severe allergic reaction, in the backseat.

One-sentence context: A woman who really does not like Halloween is forced to get into the spirit of decorating by the literal manifestation of the holiday.


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