The Emmy winning documentary The Last Dance was a masterpiece and gave us plenty of new Jordan memes. Also, we learned Michael Jordan takes a lot of things personally, but can still have a good laugh.

By the way, this bright (and hilarious) 26-year-old just signed a contract extension worth $228M. He can dance all he wants.

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins had a lot on his mind, and it is an expression everyone can relate to.

Oops. Looks like New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones had a little trouble making it to the endzone, but that young man can still run fast. Maybe a little too fast?

You can tell this guy has too much fun playing football (and scoring touchdowns). Gotta love it.

So Belichick is either a shape-shifter or that is his pup, Nike, working the laptops. #BeliDog

Brent Suter was either dodging a nasty right hook from the ghost of Miller Park…or he tripped. 10/10 somersault. #Sutersalt

Well, if your sibling or friend is ever bothering you, feel free to send this GIF in response. (Both James and Davis led the Los Angeles Lakers to their 17th title, tying the Boston Celtics for most ever.)

The goofy pregame antics of the Bruins defensemen are always entertaining and they deserve their own list.

Important note for all non-WWE fans: Wrestling is scripted and his opponent was supposed to break his fall. Have no fear, Montez is okay and still soaring on Smackdown.

The Dead Man gave the people one hell of a final match (kudos to AJ Styles, too).


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