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Trust me, I’ve bought five — and it’s not because the bottle was embarrassingly small. You actually get quite a bit of product. This conditioner has changed my hair. It’s longer, stronger, and more manageable.

Promising review: “My overall experience using this conditioner was excellent! My hair was color and heat damaged. With my busy schedule, I didn’t have time to create the DIY products on [Whitney’s] YouTube channel. First of all, I have utilized it [the Multi-Use Softening Conditioner] in all six ways possible. Secondly, in just four short weeks my hair has grown half an inch, it’s softer and more manageable, with a noticeable reduction in dry damaged spots. Natural curl is more well-defined, shiny, and healthy again 😊! Also, I use it in conjunction with my Mane Choice shampoo. I am allergic to soy and gluten therefore these all-natural ingredients are perfect for my hair and body.” —Thomas

Promising review: “The best curl custard ever! I’ve tried Eco Styler gel and other natural brands’ custards/gels and they leave my hair crunchy and stiff. This one is amazing! Not only does it smell amazing, it smooths onto the hair great and immediately defines the curl. Once it’s dry, your hair isn’t crunchy or stiff! I go through a container a week using it daily.” —Mielle Customer

Promising review: “I am so glad I took a chance on this! First, this states it’s for thick hair and I believe that to be true. I wear my hair very short (TWA – tapered) and my usual style is a wash and go. So I used this instead of the Cantu Cream leave-in I had been using and was not pleased with due to the residue it left behind. The last step of my routine includes Eco Style Gel. Directly out of the shower, my hair wasn’t nearly as white as I expected it to be! Not only that, my hair dried with no streaks! None! I have never had a cream leave-in that did not leave streaks in my hair. And you’d think it couldn’t get better than that but it does. Typically, my hair dries and it’s hard. I thought it came along with the territory of using gel. Not anymore! My hair dried soft but was still defined by the gel! I sometimes forego the gel and do my wash and goes with leave-in conditioner only. The definition doesn’t last like when I use a gel, and I can get 4 or 5 days out of a wash and go. To make my morning prep easier, I use gel. But now when I touch my coils, they feel moisturized! I love it.” —AmazonAddiction

Promising review: “I love this product and it smells nice too. It was sticky to me, feels better than Eco Styler Gel. It leaves a soft hold, unlike Eco Styler. I don’t know if I’ll continue to use it because of the price and how much I use for one wash n go. But I use way less of this product compared to when I use Eco Styler. I give it a 4 out of 5 due to the high price and small quantity.” —Tizzler Pop

Promising review: “I originally ordered the 8 -ounce of this and as soon as I finished I ordered the larger size. This is very moisturizing. It soaks into my hair and keeps it moisturized. I use this in conjunction with the Growth Oil and Shea Yogurt for amazing twist out results. The consistency is thicker than water and it smells like lemongrass. My only complaint is the nozzle on the spray bottle. It shoots out in a stream instead of a mist. That is the only reason this does not get 5 stars because I feel like the nozzle wastes unnecessary product.” —Lakesha Ellard

Each purchase supports the Alaffia Foundation which works to improve maternal health outcomes, supplies students with bikes to get to school, and distributes eyeglasses to those in need.

Promising review: “I have natural, 4b/4c hair and this cream is amazing! I use it as my styler and my natural curls pop. With a simple braid up, my curls are defined and moisturized for at least a week. There is no greasy residue. I would highly recommend giving this cream a try if you have kinky hair and curls that just need that extra push.” —Jay

Promising review: “Wasn’t expecting this to work as well as it did, but using it as directed (applying immediately after showering to wet hair) gave me AMAZING curls— the type of curls that usually take me 45 minutes of hand-separating with cream and light gel. The only thing I will say is that, after several uses in a row (two to three times in two weeks), my hair started to feel drier than normal. I like to use this on days where I’m pressed for time or just want super defined curls with minimal effort, but also alternate with a more moisturizing (and cheaper!) product. Off note: I have 3c-4a hair.”—T. Williams

Promising review: “I cannot believe how well this product works…and for the price. For reference, I have medium-high density, high porosity, 3c hair (my hair is also of a finer/silkier texture). I do mostly wash and go’s and I usually use the LCO method. This product will give me a full week of moisture and softness! I do refresh with a water-based refresher spray or plain water throughout the week, but I only have to apply this product once per week. It is very thick and concentrated and with it being 16 ounces, it lasts forever! This product can definitely be used as a stand-alone product which is awesome! I’ll definitely repurchase…when it runs out…in a million years. FYI, this product pairs great with Uncle Funky’s Daughter Curly Magic! I’ve taken to mixing the two in a 50/50 ratio in a separate container and applying that to my hair for the perfect wash n go.” —TK

Promising review: “I bought this without knowing if it would be good for my hair. I did my two-strand twists and got so many compliments. I told everybody to try Miss Jessie’s. My hair was never hard or crunchy and it didn’t flake. Plus it smelled so good. I fell in love with the product. A little goes a long way. I started using it on my daughter’s hair which is very kinky. I like the Buttercream too, but it didn’t work as great as the curly pudding. When I took the twists out, even the twist-out looked great. I need to twist my hair again, but I need to find my Curly Pudding first.” —Eileen E

Promising review: “I’ve never like using a leave-in BUT this smoothie leave-in is AMAZING! It’s light and very moisturizing. I used it with the Twist Definition Cream and my twists are beautiful!” —Mikesa Graves

Promising review: “I really love this gel. I have really fine hair (the strands are really thin), but I have a lot of hair. My hair is wavy/curly. I have really long stretched out curls. I put it in my hair while still damp. It does wonders for my curls! The gel is not heavy. It doesn’t dry “crunchy” or “stiff.” Once my hair is completely dry, the curls stay together in locks, and are very soft to the touch. This gel also helps on second-day hair. I may need to spray a little water in my hair and scrunch the hair to get it to freshen up. My flyaways are very tame and my hair smells fruity and delicious. I am very impressed with this gel. It is very important to me to have soft (not sticky, crunchy, hard to run fingers through) hair. Additionally, I really like how this doesn’t have alcohol. Alcohol can be very drying to hair, especially if it is fine like mine. In the photos, the first photo is my natural hair with zero products and air-dried. The second picture is my hair with this gel and air-dried, the third photo is my hair with gel the day after.” —Reviewer 007

Promising review: “I have relaxed hair but I wanted to try something that was a bit more natural and less harsh on my hair. I have been using this for almost a year ow and it conditions so well and I especially love it when I am blow-drying my hair. Others in my family who are completely natural also use and love it!” —Onica

Promising review: “I use this product on my hair and my kids’ hair. We all have low-porosity, high-density hair with a mix of 4a-4c curls. It smells amazing! I love the definition that this gives our hair. This is one of my most-used products. A little goes along with it.” —Jennifer

Promising review: “I’ve been searching for a cheaper, more abundant and better-smelling substitute for Paul Mitchell’s Foaming Pomade for my 4c curly hair, and this is it! I use it as a slickening agent for twist out and finger coil styles, and it does the job. If you’re looking for something to make your hair slippery to reduce friction between your fingers and hair, speeding up styling time, this is it. It doesn’t take much to foam my entire head, just a few pumps. Honestly, this bottle will probably last me a few years. As an added bonus, it leaves my hair soft to the touch with a pleasant lemony scent, without becoming sticky or leaving any visible residue. —Lauren

Promising review: “I’m a cosmetologist of 50 years and I’ve worked on almost every type of hair you can imagine, mine being the toughest! I have naturally curly hair that is so frizzy at times I have mastered the tying of a scarf to cover the madness. I love, love this product. I’ve tried the shampoo, which I also loved, the conditioner, eh, not so much, it was a bit too heavy for my hair, I wear mine curly…I tried to post a picture of myself but it wouldn’t happen, so you’ll have to take my word how cute I really am after I scrunch my hair with this mousse. Plus, it’s not sticky and smells GREAT! I had a sticker on my can to give feedback, glad to do so, especially when it’s a great product.” —William Denham

Promising review: “I am an active African American male with type 3C/4A hair. I maintain my hair around 1.5 to 2.5 inches in length. My lifestyle requires a lot of travel which exposes my hair to different types of water and chemicals when I shower and/or wash my hair. I have found that all city water is not created equal. This product has been beneficial in maintaining moisture and my curl pattern. I really like the fact it doesn’t have an outlandish amount of residue or build up after a few days. The product is light and easy to apply. I went away from this product for a year trying other moisturizers but I keep coming back to the Buttercreme. It doesn’t have a high shine on my hair. I top the product with a dime size of glycerin if I really want it to shine.” —Blessvince

Promising review: “Great for 2b thick hair! So I have always had natural waves in my hair but I never knew how to keep them in my hair without damaging heat tools and chemicals. I even tried heatless curls and my hair fell out more times than I could count. Then I was finally recommended this. Washed my hair, ran this product through my strands, scrunched and plopped my hair and voila! My hair is now back to its wavy self and not only that, but it is so soft and not weighed down at all! I can’t even tell that there is product in it.” —Kara G

Promising review: “I wanted to try this mousse a few different ways before giving a review. I purchased it because it’s listed as a heat protectant. It worked pretty well before blow-drying and cut the time in half. It did leave a coating/residue that softened after a few days. The downside is that it made my hair dryer than usual. I used it on an old blow out to extend with a roller set. The curls were perfect and lasted until I washed my hair. Again, there was a noticeable coating and dryness but a great smell for refreshing hair and extending a style.” —Phillyjawn

Promising review: “This stuff is amazing. I was worried it wouldn’t work for my hair, considering some of the reviews, but it holds my 3b/c curls for three to four days for my needs. I usually twist my hair with the gel and even after I remove them, it holds the curl nicely. It’s great for wash and go’s. I find it doesn’t define my curls by itself, hence why I twist my hair, but it will hold whatever it’s put on. I don’t have frizz. I find I don’t need a lot of the product either. The smell isn’t overwhelming, it’s pleasant and floral and eventually fades. Anyone talking about crunchiness, invest in a diffuser. It helps. I will definitely be buying this again.” —Deni S.

Promising review: “I love this styling gel! It’s not sticky and I was able to brush thru my hair while applying this gel. It kept my edges intact as well as not leaving my hair hard or dry. My hair kept its curls and definitely stayed moisturized as it says.” —Precious KeenGet it from Amazon for $10.95.

Promising review: “Best gel for my hair! I have type 4b/c hair and this is perfect for wash and go’s. Really helps to define my curls and prevents frizz. I prefer this over Eco Styler because it has better hold and smells really nice. I use this gel in addition to the TGIN Buttercream Daily Moisturizer. The perfect duo for braid-outs and wash-and-gos alike.” —Crystal

Promising review: “I have extremely frizzy hair, it’s a mix between curly and wavy that no product could tame until I got a free sample of this magical product. It brought out curls I didn’t know I had, it doesn’t turn crunchy like most gels, and makes my hair super soft. I even did an overnight test, and my hair looked just as great as when I first put it in! I have, and will continue to sing this products praise.” —Amazon Customer

Promising review: “This conditioner is the single best thing to happen to my hair EVER. I have a sensitive scalp that reacts to almost every shampoo/conditioner/oil blend/leave-in. But Oyin Handmade’s Honey Hemp Conditioner and Hair Dew leave my hair soft and my natural (4c) curls pumped up with moisture without the itch. I used to think my hair texture was just naturally “crunchy” but this is literally the only product that helps me retain moisture. I was only convinced that I even had a curl pattern when I started using this as a deep conditioner three years ago. It was the only ‘product’ I used on my locs (aside from shampoo and black castor oil) for 2.5 years until I cut them. I had minimal product build-up (mostly from having to learn how to rinse my locs well). I would highly recommend this product!” —Maren

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