Not too much, not too little. Just enough to be memorable and capture the audience’s attention.

She’s the reason why I have been searching for the perfect black turtleneck — that seems to not exist!

My mom told me it’s a fashion must to have a LBD — I wish she said it was a fashion must to have Fran Fine’s LBD.

Dare I say this top is a bit risqué — that white dot is placed in a bit of a compromising location.

I forgot all about this beautiful blazer and now I’m tempted to make my own. Shouldn’t be too hard — right? All I’ll need is a white blazer and a tie-dye kit.

Hell, “she’s the lady in red, when everybody else is wearing tan.” That, my friends, is an icon!


News – 26 Times Fran Fine Proved She Is Still A Fashion Icon