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They’re made with moisture-wicking, brushed fabric that prevents you from feeling too cold and sweaty during workouts.

Promising review: “Best light colder running pants ever! Just ran a 5K, 10K, and a half-marathon this weekend and ran in my Baleaf pants. They kept me warm. Not too hot. They were comfortable during all of my runs. I have two pairs and I might buy two more just to keep on the shelf for a later date.” —Jillnaomi

Promising review: “I love this mat! I saw it on a BuzzFeed list of home items for the fall recently and this definitely fits the bill. The fabric is soft and it looks great. It hasn’t dealt with a whole lot yet, but so far it seems like it stays put really well and will be absorb water and mud from shoes easily.” —Ashley

Promising review: “These Leaf Scoops made picking up the leaves so easier than messing around with multiple rakes. Simply rake the leaves into a pile, then put on the Leaf Scoops to pickup, and bag the leaves. The scoops really help grab a large amount of leaves and also save your back from bending all the way to the ground.” —Amazon Customer

Promising review: “I love this little wake up light! I got it to help me in two ways: to help me calm my mind so I can fall asleep and to ease my waking up so that I stop hitting the snooze. I like the flexibility features. I can even tone down or turn off the lighted time numbers, a feature I didn’t expect. Now I wake up gently with a light that gets gradually brighter. This thing did all it says it would do and, frankly, better than I expected.” —Betty Boom

Madeluv is a Black woman-owned business that sells soothing bath and body goods. If you want to give your skin a relaxing treatment, you’ll find so many products like bath bombs, whipped lotion, and bath salts.

Promising review: “I love this jacket! It is so warm and so comfortable. I’ve been wearing it all fall and winter and receive so many compliments on it. Beats my $150 jacket by far. I will definitely be getting more colors.” —Amazon Customer

Promising review: “I have two of these beautiful throws. The large size is on my full size bed. It’s the perfect weight, not too heavy, not to light. Perfect for the cool fall nights. I use the small one in the living room. They are soft, warm, and wash and dry beautifully.” —Amazon Customer

Promising review: “I’ve used several different carving tool kits, and these are hands down the best tools I’ve used. They are durable and precise, and make carving so much easier. I’ve used the more ‘plastic-y’ ones before and they would break after two pumpkins. After use, just rinse and clean, and you are good to go!” —Amazon Customer

Promising review: “They arrived on time, which was the day before a long day trip at Yosemite. These shoes fit perfectly, but I was so worried I’d have to break them in, or suffer the consequences. Surprisingly, after wearing them and (mild) hiking all day through Yosemite, not a single blister or bruise! They are super lightweight, and my feet aren’t even sore!” —Ashley Nichole

Get them from Amazon for $43.36+ (available in sizes 5—11 regular and wide fit, and 23 colors).

Promising review: “Awesome! Love these for my front entryway path on the sides of my flowerbed. Needed something small, but bright to work in a smaller space to illuminate the flowers, but also for security, as lighting in my condo complex is limited to lights on the garage door above the address plate.” —Wayfair Customer

Promising review: “We have a fire pit (wood burning), but wanted something that fits with our changing family life. A quick setup and instant fire lets us enjoy our patio when we have an hour or two. Nice big fire if needed or go low if you’re just looking for little ambience. Cool down is reasonable and even faster in cold weather. It is large to store so we needed to rearrange a few things, but that was okay.” —Amazon Customer

Promising review: “When fall hits all the way to spring, I get really bad lips. I hate putting anything on my skin/lips just because I am not used to doing it growing up (I came from a tropical country, but when I start getting dry lips, Burt’s Bees takes care of it. And yes, I bought six of them as stocking stuffers for Christmas and some for myself.” —Amazon Customer

Promising review: “This product is awesome. It comes with push pins which add extra support and they were so easy to put in. We put this in our basement which leads to the outside. Opens and closes wonderfully and will hopefully keep the bugs out this fall and the cold air in the winter. It comes a bit wide so if you have a bigger door it would work. We just cut off the end to make it fit.” —Amazon Customer

Promising review: “Wow! I’ve had this about a year and its has been amazing! I cooked Thanksgiving mash potatoes, veggies, turkey (a small one, of course), and experimented with bread (I think i had old yeast). I use this to hard-boil a dozen eggs at a time for the week. I’ve cooked mac ‘n’ cheese, chili, chicken, rice, OMG literally everything!” —ginamarine

And if you’re really, really excited to give your meals an autumn update, check out “28 Fall Comfort Foods You Can Make In An Instant Pot” for more cooking inspo.

Promising review: “I haves six large maple trees on my property. This leaf blower is fantastic for blowing my tons of leaves! Tremendous amount of power to get the job done. Not too heavy to hold, especially if you keep it at arm’s length and just sweep back and forth. I love it!” —Amazon Customer

Promising review: “Best umbrella I’ve ever had. I bought it after looking online for one that wouldn’t fall apart at the first gust of wind in a rainstorm. After using several times in a huge rainstorm with heavy winds, it seems to be indestructible. The strong wind will flip the umbrella inside out, but it quickly flips back and show no sign of being worse for wear. I plan to buy several more so I can be sure to have one at my home, office and car.” —Amazon Customer

Promising review: “I love these bags! They are perfectly sized for various kinds of produce. I got fed up with super thin plastic bags breaking as soon as I tossed an apple in and then having to keep produce loose in the fridge so it didn’t get wet and moldy in the drawer. These are the perfect solution. Obviously more environmentally-friendly and the weave allows the checker to see what’s inside as well.” —L.W.

Promising review: “I received the insoles before my new work boots came in, so I took them out for a test ride. Usually half way through the day my feet will being to ache, but that was not the case. When my work boots came in, I put in the insoles and had the same result. I work 12-hour shifts in a production environment. That means standing on concrete long hours. These insoles cost a fraction of the price and so far been superior in comfort and support.” —Amazon Customer

Promising review: “I love my slippers! They are very comfortable! I like that I can wear them outside when I need to go to the mailbox. They are so warm and squishy!” —Amazon Customer

BloomePetals is a small business based in California known for their cute handmade goods, including face masks and hair accessories.

Get them from BloomePetals on Etsy for $11.50+ (available in 11 individual colors and an assorted 3-pack).

Promising review: “I’ve tried several different tea infusers from Amazon trying to find one fine enough that very small loose teas don’t leak out. Finally, the search has ended. This is the one. This infuser is not a mesh screen, but a small canister. It holds a good amount of tea, stays together, and is very easy to clean. Best of all, no matter which tea I use, there are absolutely *no bits* escaping out into my tea. They’re a little larger than they look, which is actually a good thing.” —Amazon Customer

Promising review: “We love this product! We have four boys and they all play multiple sports, so we spend a lot of time in the stands either at a field or in a gym. On the bleachers, we use them with our stadium seats or when the stadium seats don’t fit (too large and too many people) on the bleachers, we use these instead. They are a lifesaver and it doesn’t cramp everyone behind you.” —Rob Lybbert

Promising review: “Unbelievable! My daughter just moved into her first home. She thought she would have to paint her brick fireplace because of the heavy soot stains that had been there for years. We applied the product twice and put in a whole lot of elbow grease, but what a difference! It’s a messy process, but well worth the time and energy.” —MM

Get them from Dr. Martens for $150 (available in sizes 5—12 and also in cherry red).

Promising review: “Both my daughter and I have pretty bad allergies and have always struggled with breathing issues pretty much anytime the seasons change. We’ve been using this air purifier for a couple weeks now and have noticed a huge difference! I find that I’m sneezing less and my nose has been more clear, that in itself, is a huge plus!” —Amazon Customer

Promising review: “This stuff is the bomb! Gave new life to my favorite boots. The sole was originally peeling away from the shoe in the front, not anymore! And you can barely tell I used glue. To be fair, you probably wouldn’t be able to tell I used glue at all if I was a little more patient and careful with the application. It’s totally not the glue’s fault though LOL. If your shoes are falling apart and it’s too soon for you to part with them, give this a try.” —Amazon Customer

Promising review: “This scoop worked very well. I previously just pulled the leaves and accumulated dirt out of the gutter by hand, but this scoop was flexible enough to clean 95% of what was in the gutter. The remaining but if dirt and shingle gravel was easily washed out with a garden hose. Best of all, it cuts the ladder repositioning way down since it extends your reach by the length of the scoop and handle.” —Bob

Promising review: “This beanie is so soft, so comfy, and has the perfect slouch. It’s not too tight after extended wear, like a lot of beanies can be, but still stays on your head and it doesn’t give ferocious hat hair. Plus, it’s just cute.” —Everlane Customer

Promising review: “We’re using this to protect the electricity connection for the outdoor patio area lights. It hides perfectly well behind the planters. In this picture the waterproof box is in the back next to the right hand side. You can barely notice it when you’re outside enjoying the space.” —Amazon Customer

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