gen z culture is your postmates driver forgetting your drink but instead of being mad you take it as a sign to drink more water

Gen Z culture is hearing a really famous song from the 80’s and only knowing it from some movie like Paul Blart: Mall Cop

Gen Z culture is adding “just kidding” after stating a fact, to convince ourselves that we’re doing okay.

gen Z culture is rlly just about posting an abstract meaningless meme on story and everybody replying to it with a ‘moood’ 🥴

Gen z culture is over-apologizing or over-thanking people for your parents when you’re out with them

Gen Z culture is hearing the name Ryan Seacrest in every movie and tv show yet still having no idea what he looks like

gen z culture is playing tiktok songs at a party and only knowing the words and dance to the part of the song that was popularized

gen z culture is letting your phone die bc the charger is too far from the couch

Gen z culture is watching a 25 minute video about how bad a movie you have childhood memories with is

gen z culture is growing up with the same things as millennials but constantly hearing”this was before your time” and it is annoyinggg

gen z culture is typing in all lower caps or all upper caps w no in between

gen Z culture is using ur phone’s flashlight to walk down the stairs in the dark when the light switch is right there

Gen z culture is being out in public and hearing a kid screaming/crying and going “Same” or “Me too”


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