Our favorite clothing, candles, beauty products, food, and so much more! All from Black-owned brands to shop not just during Black History Month, but all year long.

We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

While BuzzFeed celebrates Black History Month, we also believe in celebrating the value and contributions of Black people year-round. Please enjoy our BHM-themed shopping lists from BuzzFeed Shopping, the Black entrepreneurs who create these products and services, and know that you can #BuyBlack well beyond this wonderful, dedicated month.

Sweet and Good is a woman-owned small business. This fits up to a ring size 8.

I got this ring recently as a little gift from me to me and rarely take it off! It’s lightweight and feels great on, and I’ve really enjoyed having a go-to piece of jewelry to wear even just around the house. It’s semi-statement-y, but subtle enough to go with almost any outfit. It makes me feel put together and chic, and all at a wildly good price! I’ll take five more, please!

The Lip Bar is woman-owned. All of their products are vegan and cruelty-free — and they do so much more than just lipstick — check out all of their face and eye makeup as well!

“I use The Lip Bar’s matte liquid lipsticks often and the formula is truly incredible. It hardly budges at all throughout the day, the pigment is bomb, AND it doesn’t dry out my lips at all — which is really difficult to find in a matte lipstick.” —Kayla Boyd

Get it from The Lip Bar for $13 (available in 18 shades) or Target for $12.99 (available in 12 shades).

Butter by Keba is a woman-owned small business founded by Makeba Lloyd and based in NYC. Their plant-based formulas are made with natural organic essential oils, phthalate-free fragrance, and are paraffin-, petroleum-, and mineral oil-free.

I’ve been using this body butter for over six months and simply adore it. It goes on in such a perfectly smooth, hydrating layer and soaks into skin quickly while moisturizing literally all day. I have it in the scent “La Vera” which is delicately light and fresh. One of the things I like most about the body butter is the level of scent — it’s not too overwhelming but is definitely present, and most importantly subtly lasts all day.

“I recently burned through a tin of the Holiday scent and it lasted SO much longer than other candle tins of that size. I’m currently on the Speakeasy candle that smells incredibly luxurious and rich. If I’m awake and in my apartment, a candle is lit. But I think I’ll ration the Speakeasy beaut to keep it around even longer.” —Elizabeth Lilly

Get the 22K Nightclub Map of Harlem Savory Luxury Candle from Harlem Candle Company for $60 and check out all of their scents. You can also shop them at Bloomingdale’s!

Nonily Studio is a small business based in California. This artwork is available for purchase as a digital download, so heads up you’ll need to print it yourself! Absolutely worth it, imo.

“Apartment living inspires you to get creative with home decor, and I’ve fallen seriously in love with wall art. Nonily Studio has gorgeous prints that’ll turn your small living space into a chill oasis. I adore both prints I bought above (swimsuits on a clothesline and a sunny canyon) and they make me feel more relaxed while I WFH.” —Genevieve Scarano

Get them from Nonily Studio on Etsy: the sunset print on the left for $4.99, the clothesline print on the right for $4.99, or shop all of their prints here.

25th & June is a woman-owned small business looking to give your life more vibrance through nail polish (spoiler alert: they’re succeeding!).

Anyone who knows me knows I can’t resist a pop of color, and this nail polish in the shade “Very Expensive” gives me 10 lil’ pops of color that simply make me grin. The polish is super long-lasting and is very pigmented, so it goes on in a thinner, more comfortable layer without sacrificing color payoff. With a top coat, this has lasted me a good two weeks or so, which is wild, considering I’m always crafting, cooking, and otherwise putting my manis in precarious scenarios. Love it!

Ruby Love is a woman-owned business. The shorts can be worn alone and will absorb your ~flow~ or can be paired with a pad tucked into the pad pocket.

“I am a person with an aggressive uterus and an even more aggressive dislike of tampons, so I love these period sleep shorts from Ruby Love — on lighter days you can wear them as is, and on heavier days you can pair them with a pad. It’s just nice to have a lil’ extra backup, plus if you ‘leak’ it comes right out of these shorts when you’re washing and wringing them out before putting them in the washing machine anyway. TAKE THAT, UTERINE LINING!” —Emma Lord

Get the shorts from Ruby Love for $39.99 (available in sizes Juniors–3X) and shop all of their period sleepwear here.

The Nice Plant strives to deliver “self-care in a box” through house plants and natural products.

My Nice Plant plant arrived well-packed and ready to thrive! It also comes with care instructions which is great, since caring for plants doesn’t exactly come naturally to me. Good thing I have nothing to do but obsess over when to water this thing!

Get it from The Nice Plant for $23.99 (available in three plant types and three pot types).

Bread Beauty Supply is an Australia-based, woman-owned business that was founded by Maeva Heim in 2020. This product works best for hair types 3a–4c.

“I recently started using Bread products and I really love how lightweight and easy they are to use. Since I have mixed textured hair that’s been frequently dyed, it tends to get very dry. After using this deep conditioner my hair felt so much better and softer. In addition to that, the smell is A-MA-ZING. Definitely one of my new favorite wash day products.” —Kayla Boyd

These products work best for hair types 3a–4c and is a Clean at Sephora product. The kit comes with the Gentle Milky Hair Cleanser, Creamy Deep Conditioner Hair Mask, Everyday Gloss Hair Oil, and a silky scrunchie.

“I’ve been using these products for at least the last four months (minus the oil which I have not tried yet) and I love how they work on my 4C kinks, coils, and curls to achieve moisture retention and overall softness. Between the shampoo and conditioner, I actually adore the shampoo a little more since it has a creamy/milky texture and doesn’t lather too much (my preference). Still, the conditioner is pretty solid for restoring moisture and other nutrients. I’ve also grown to love that both those products come in packets and not bottles. They are a little different from product packaging that I’ve used in the past but I realize I’m able to get out the very, very last drop of product with these squeezable packets. It’s far better than futile bottle shaking and I know when I throw a packet away, that it’s truly empty and I got all my money’s worth, baby! 🤑I enjoyed it enough to re-up on another box set for myself and get two more for friends.” —Marquaysa Battle

Get the set from Sephora for $58 (free shipping on orders $50 and up) or pre-order it from Bread Beauty Supply for $58.

This is 100% the best candle I’ve purchased in a long time, if not ever. It has a wide, wooden wick, which burns beautifully, and the scent is awakening and refreshing. I can’t wait to eventually get to try all of their scents. This is a perfect gift for yourself or literally anyone you know.

Buttah’s products are formulated to give melanin-rich skin the attention it deserves and leave it absolutely glowing. Their products are all organic and cruelty-free.

“I wasn’t expecting this serum to be so moisturizing but it covered my skin in all-day hydration (and even made me look a little dewy in the process). My face was very thankful since I was starting to develop dry patches from too-harsh cleansers (rude). Buttah is a Black-owned skincare biz and between you and me, I’ve got my eyes on their whipped body butter. 👀” —Jasmin Suknanan

Rhyme Antics is woman-created and founded. To play, you rap a line and score points for each ending word you use that’s on the list of rhyming words on the round’s card — fun! Here’s a how-to-play video if you’re curious!

“I bought this game from BuzzFeed BIO’s IRL 2019 pop-up shop and had a great time playing with friends and family. You get points for rhyming with words listed on the card but also extra points for words that aren’t on the card. (And you KNOW whose team won the game, right? Crown me, baby! 😏)” —Marquaysa Battle

Pur Home is a woman-owned company whose cleaning products are natural, eco-friendly and made with only plant-derived ingredients. Their products contain no laureth sulfates, petroleum solvent, parabens, ethers, synthetic fragrances, dyes, or ammonia. This cleaner is also biodegradable!

I have and love this all-in-one concentrate. If you’re hand-washing dishes, it’s perfect for washing a sink-full in one fell swoop. If you’re mopping, it’s so easy to just dollop some in a bucket. If you’re out of laundry detergent or just want to use this as your main detergent, just a tablespoon will do. It smells divine, is gentle, and best of all it’s eco-friendly! You can’t go wrong with this product.

“I love love looooove unique flavors in drinks, and recently got into spicier bitters and syrups after a friend made her own jalapeño tequila and shared it with me. These Japanese Chili and Lime Bitters are so unique in that they have a little bit of heat and a little bit of pucker to them, so your tastebuds are like, HELLO, WOW, WE ARE EXPERIENCING A TINY HAPPY ROLLERCOASTER every time you take a sip. I like to pair it with something sweet, like candied peanut avocado sushi or, of course, cake.” —Emma Lord

“I love a dark lip for the fall (my fave season). This lipstick is a beautiful deep cranberry color that I JUST CAN’T WAIT to pair with jewel-toned knit sweaters. It’s from Mented, which is a Black-owned beauty brand. The lipstick is matte but it leaves a soft, comfortable feeling on your lips so I can’t wait to order more of their shades! 💄” —Jasmin Suknanan

“I LOVE statement earrings. One of my friends and I even started using the phrase #BigEarringEnergy because we feel a powerful statement earring can really give you a confidence boost. I stumbled on The Tiny Tassel, a Black woman-owned small business, and fell in love with all their super fun earrings, clothes, and accessories. I love that these earrings are lightweight, stylish, and really go with anything. They’re my first, but def not my last purchase from this shop.” —Abby Kass

Get them from The Tiny Tassel for $34 and shop all of their handmade jewelry here.

“I won’t hold out on you, friends. I tried nearly every flavor. Two boxes’ worth. They weren’t just tasty to me; they were tasty to all six people in the house, with only one of us being an actual vegan. Maya’s Cookies is Black woman-owned too, btw.” —Marquaysa Battle

Get the chocolate chip s’mores box for $25 (comes with six cookies) or the Classic Collection from Maya’s Cookies for $26 (includes one Birthday Cake, Snickerdoodle, Marble Fudge, Classic Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Chip S’mores and Double Chocolate Chunk cookie per box) .

Hyper Skin is a woman-owned small business founded by Desiree Verdejo. This product is paraben-, sulfate-, phthalate-, and scent-free.

I love a good vitamin C serum and this is one of the best I’ve tried. Because I’m a shopping writer and am always trying new products, it’s rare for me to repurchase a skincare product, but I have already restocked this serum and definitely will again! It doesn’t have the off-putting smell that some serums have and it doesn’t feel tacky when it dries. It layers flawlessly under any moisturizer I’ve used and it helps get my complexion nice and smooth, especially around my mouth where I have some hormonal acne scarring. I could not recommend trying this product enough.

Get it from Hyper Skin for $36. (It’s currently backordered, but will ship in 10–15 days.)

Southern Elegance Candle Co. is a woman-owned brand that’s focused on community — all of their supplies are sourced from North Carolina, where they’re based.

“This candle was actually a gift from a friend, but I had to share because it’s so lovely. The company is Black woman-owned and the soy candles are hand-poured. The Charleston Sweet Tea scent reminds me of a summer trip I took to Charleston a few years ago with the friend who gifted it. It smells like berries, flowers, and apples.” —Kayla Boyd

Get it from Southern Elegance Candle Co for $20 or shop all of their Signature Scents here.

“I recently found StylishSista on Etsy and her shop has so many cool stickers and prints! I have already placed multiple orders and everything has arrived exactly as expected. Her artwork is cute and fun and really aligns with my style.” —Kayla Boyd

Get the Nicki stickers from $4.99+ (available in a matte or glossy finish). The Lizzo stickers are currently sold out, but I’d humbly recommend getting Megan Thee Stallion stickers for $4.99+ or you can shop all the sticker sheets here.

Choate Body is a woman-owned business known for their organic skincare products. From facial cleansers to body butters, their soothing essentials can help with all kinds of skincare obstacles like dryness, irritation, and breakouts.

“This face scrub is what I look forward to after a long day. It smells really good and helps soothe dry spots on my face. I apply a little to my skin after I hop out of the shower and it makes my cheeks and chin look super dewy and refreshed. If you’re done dealing with flaky and red skin, you should definitely give this product a try!” —Genevieve Scarano

Avec is a woman-founded business specializing in making mixers, and thereby your cocktails, packed with real juice and natural botanicals. The sampler comes with three each of the flavors Jalapeño and Lime, Ginger, Hibiscus and Pomegranate, Grapefruit and Pomelo, and Yuzu and Lime.

“The way my life is set up, the very day I want a good cocktail is the very day I have no ingredients to make it happen. To be honest, I’ve never been much of the bartender, and when it comes to cocktails, I need something tasty that drowns out an overpowering spirit. So anything that came ready-to-go where I only had to add my spirit of choice, was already a win for me. After tasting, I was sold. The Avec Mixers take all the guesswork out of what to put in and how much. And, you can even drink them by themselves over ice without adding any alcohol at all. My personal faves are the Grapefruit & Pomelo and Yuze & Lime. If you want a super simple solution to super tasty cocktails, this is definitely the way to go.” —Kit Stone

Black Gold Luxury Brand is a woman-founded small business dedicated to making high-quality, nontoxic candles and body products.

“My roommate and I splurged on this candle and a few others from Black Gold Lux Brand and they did not disappoint! They totally transform any space they’re in, which makes a world of difference since we’re home all the time. I can’t wait to buy more.” —Christine Forbes

Theebouffants is the shop of artist Kendra Dandy whose illustrated art prints are simply divine. Highly recommend following @theebouffants on Instagram as well!

“My 2020 goal that I’m still holding onto is to finish the walls in my bedroom. I love bright colors and I have a poppin’ wall color and now I need art to throw a few other colors in there. I love supporting Black artists and when I saw these sassy oranges, I knew they needed to come home with me. It’s the orange peel bayang for me.” —Kit Stone

A Dozen Cousins recipes are based on the flavors of Creole, Caribbean, and Latin American cuisine founder Ibraheem Basir grew up with. The variety pack comes with two packs each of the flavors Cuban Black Beans, Mexican Cowboy Beans, Trini Chickpea Curry.

“These are the ultimate in convenience. You only have to put the bag in the microwave for 60 seconds, which’ll help you concentrate on the other parts of your meal. I love mixing the Trini Chickpea Curry with leftover rice for a super satisfying weekday lunch. The black beans are TO DIE FOR.” —Elizabeth Lilly

“I recently got this blush in shade ‘Drama Cla$$’ to experiment with purple/violet blush and loved how it looked on my cheeks! Who knew purple blush would be so lovely? It’s natural and flattering, and all you need is your fingers. I see myself reaching for this a lot this summer tbh.” —Nusrat Sultana

I love their tea because it’s very high quality *and* they give you super precise brewing instructions on the back of the packaging. So helpful! I love the darjeeling for a midday boost and the Rooibos for a cozy nighttime treat. (My coworker Natalie also recommends vanilla rooibos tea as a mixer with Jameson, if that’s your jam!)

Get them from Brooklyn Tea: the Vanilla Rooibos for $5.99+ (available in six sizes) and the Darjeeling for $6.99+ (available in six sizes).

Beurre is based in New York and is known for their soothing shea butter skincare products, including body butters and balms.

“I’ve used Beurre’s Raw Shea Butter on my legs and feet and it feels so good! I work out a lot and my heels are very rough and dry (raise your hand if you do cardio *a lot*). This shea butter cream is so moisturizing and makes my feet feel super soft after a long exercise session.” —Genevieve Scarano

Secret Scents of Ella is a woman-owned business based in New York working to normalize Black women in luxury, one gorgeous candle at a time.

“I had these candles bookmarked for so long and that was a huge mistake because they sold out 😭. As soon as they restocked, I bought like FIVE of them. They’re so beautiful and bring such soul to my bedroom. Don’t be like me, get the candles before they’re gone!” —Christine Forbes

“I learned about Roam Loud from a suggestion in a Facebook workout group that I’m in. I was eager to try the gear, as it’s relatively inexpensive and Black-woman owned. I mean a bra and leggings for less than $100 is a pretty good deal in my book. The set is a little different color than it looks on the website, but it’s still a rich blue that looks really good. I’ve worn it a few times to take pretty intense HIIT and weight-lifting classes, and it has held up great. It makes me feel confident and strong — and the color really doesn’t show sweat stains (the picture above was taken not long after I finished my workout). I opted to size up, but both the leggings are bra are so stretchy that your regular size will work.” —Abby Kass

Get the set from Roam Loud for $70 (available in sizes S–L) and shop all of their sets here.

Briogeo is a woman-owned business that’s beloved for it’s high-quality, clean products for all hair types. The set comes with one bottle of shampoo and one bottle of conditioner and is great for straight, wavy, curly and coily hair types. .

“I started using Briogeo products about a month ago thanks to a recommendation from my former roommate. Everything I’ve tried from them smells D I V I N E. This shampoo and conditioner set is super gentle on my color-treated hair — it feels much healthier and shinier than before. I’m also a big fan of their heat protectant cream (again, smells SO. GOOD.) And I love that this Black-owned hair care brand has products with plenty of different hair types and textures in mind!” —Sam Tomaszewski

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/racheldunkel/products-from-black-owned-businesses

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