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Wow. I’ve never seen anybody water their plants like this. This is really smart. The plants only take what they need and the top isn’t overly saturated

@AStrangerNobody Hmm… I’m currently caring for a plant that was slightly neglected because of the quarantine. I don’t know what kind of plant it is, or how much water it needs. Maybe I should try this method…

@AStrangerNobody @AloraMilan Also watering it like that promotes root growth for younger plants because it encourages them to stretch to the bottom of the pot

@AStrangerNobody This can cause root rot in certain plants that don’t like to sit in water. It’s best you gauge which plants would prefer bottom watering as it does not saturate the top soil and only gives water to the bottom roots.

@iamshaliyahb @AStrangerNobody Also may not be the best to share water as it can spread disease much quicker. Learned that one from my orchids *RIP*


News – A Woman On TikTok Revealed Her Clever Trick For Watering Plants, And It’s So Satisfying To Watch