Rowan Atkinson

Gwyneth Paltrow

It did not win the Best Picture Oscar

While Star Wars: A New Hope was nominated for Best Picture it lost to Annie Hall.

Harrison Ford

During a special screening for the 30th anniversary of Raiders of the Lost Ark, Steven Spielberg (who was there along with Harrison) told the crowd he had offered him the role first and that he turned him down.

It is a remake of a critically-acclaimed Hong Kong film.

Tim Burton did not direct the movie.

The movie is based on a story and characters that Tim created, but the film is directed by Henry Selick. Tim did produce the film though!

Janet Jackson did not turn down the role of Lisa McDowell (she neither auditioned for it nor was offered the role).

However, Paula Abdul did get her job as the choreographer because the film’s director, John Landis, wanted the choreographer who created Janet Jackson’s dance moves.

Natalie Portman!

Natalie was forced to drop out of the movie after executives at Fox saw the rehearsals and thought she looked way too young to be playing Leonardo DiCaprio’s love interest.

The movie was originally called Scary Movie!

Eric Stoltz

The movie’s director, Robert Zemeckis, recast the role after five weeks of filming because he thought Eric was too serious for the role. For the record, Michael J. Fox had always been the first choice for the role, but had been unavailable because he was filming Family Ties.

The original script had a dark ending.

According to Julia, she was attached to that version of the movie, but thankfully it fell apart and it then went to Disney and Garry Marshall, who redeveloped the script.

Helping save Disney’s Animation department and bringing on the Disney Renaissance

At the time of its release in 1989, Disney had not had a huge animated movie in a long time and was on the verge of shutting down its Animation department. However, the success of the The Little Mermaid not only marked a return to form, but also set up the blueprint for how Disney would make its animated movies throughout the next decade.

Allegedly other designers chose not to make cameos out of fear that it would upset Anna Wintour and that they would stop being featured in Vogue.

Clueless was pitched as a TV series for Fox.

There is the original 1937 version starring Janet Gaynor, a 1954 remake starring Judy Garland, a 1976 adaption starring Barbra Streisand, and, of course, the 2018 film starring Lady Gaga.

As a darker, more dramatic, and non-musical animated movie.

A 20-minute reel of this version of the movie — which consisted of sketches and was set with temporary vocals — was shown to then-chairman of Walt Disney Studios, Jeffrey Katzenberg, who decided to kill it and start the film over.

It is the first superhero film nominated for a Best Picture Oscar.

While it is still the only superhero movie to be nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture, it isn’t the only comic-book movie to be nominated for it — 2019’s Joker also got a Best Picture nom.

James Cameron did not want “My Heart Will Go On” in the movie.

Yup, James thought the movie was too epic and didn’t need a pop song in it. After listening to the demo that Celine recorded he decided to put it in.


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