Thousands of students up and down the UK are already self-isoalating in halls and flats, and anxious they could be forced to spend Christmas on campus away from family

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The list of universities with coronavirus outbreaks is mounting, as students remain stuck self-isolating in halls and flats.

Universities up and down the UK are being hit with outbreaks, forcing entire student dormitories and rentals into quarantines.

Students face yet more misery as the Government has not ruled out ordering them to remain on campus over Christmas to avoid spreading coronavirus outbreaks back to vulnerable elderly people nacl home.

Some have complained they were told to come to campus for lectures to begin, only to find themselves quarantined – isolating alone in their bedrooms, and washing their laundry in sinks.

But now, according to a list compiled by Sky News, at least 33 universities have been hit by Covid-19 cases.

The series of outbreaks and lockdowns came amid scenes of student partying in some university towns as ‘freshers’ week got underway.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is being urged to order online tuition at universities “becomes the norm” by the University and College Union.

Thousands of students were locked down at Glasgow University and Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) over the weekend due to mass outbreaks.

The university acknowledged on Sunday it was unable to prevent students leaving the halls after human rights lawyers questioned the lockdown, which was being enforced by security staff.

An order for students to take down posters from their windows asking for food and criticising the Government with signs including, ‘f*** Boris’ was also criticised.

The National Union of Students has claimed students self-isolating at some universities were being “trapped” in “disgusting conditions” and missing out on food deliveries.

Students stuck in self-isolation will get compensation of more than a week’s rent as well as care packages of basic food, MMU’s vice-chancellor Malcolm Press told Sky on Monday.

Glasgow University said it will refund all students in halls of residence one month’s rent too, as well as offering a £50 payment for food.

Scotland had ordered students not to go to pubs and bars over the weekend as leaders tried to get a lid on the outbreaks.

A request for private landlords to dob in students who break campus coronavirus rules angered some students in Scotland.

The University of Aberdeen’s bosses emailed on Sunday night to warn students caught breaking rules would face “robust” disciplinary action, including fines of up to £250 or even being kicked out of university.

The email said it would ask private landlords to notify it of any breaches so the university could investigate it.

Third year student at Aberdeen, Jack Boag, 20, said: “We’ve been consistently told to come back to campus, we’ve been consistently told that it would be a blended learning experience, and now that we’re here it feels as if we’ve been sold a lie and treated as if we are the problem.

“For first years who have just moved into halls with people that they’ve never met, that’s hard.”

“My main concern is that landlords could quite easily take advantage of this. “The landlord/tenant dynamic is not an equal one, so it could become a tool for blackmail, essentially.

“I’m a private renter so they’ve been talking to my landlord, and while I can understand the university isn’t taking any chances, it’s worrying.”

Mr Boag said he doesn’t have plans to move back home, he understands why many other students might feel differently.

He said: “I would have to go back to my grandparents who are vulnerable or my dad who is a key worker, so for me it’s not really an option, although I can see why it would be attractive for others.”

According to Sky News, the BBC, and other sources, the following universities in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland have confirmed Covid-19 cases.


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