MP Andrew Hastie has criticized the disclosure of details in the War Crimes Report for allowing China to “slander our troops”; PM faces questions about Murdoch’s Christmas party flight; NSW Waiting For New Covid Cluster To Update Follow All Today’s News

The European Union beat up China for an “irresponsible, insensitive” tweet about Australian military personnel when the regional bloc announced that it had raised the issue directly with a Chinese deputy foreign minister

A senior EU official told the Guardian that the EU regretted the recent deterioration in relations between China and Australia, with Beijing taking a series of trade measures against Australian exports, and urged both sides to “re-enter the dialogue , Avoid escalation and one-sided pressure “

The EU statement comes after the UK, United States, Germany, France and New Zealand criticized the actions of a Chinese State Department official while tweeting a digitally rendered picture of an Australian soldier throat a child cuts through in Afghanistan

“We consider the deliberate dissemination of a fictional image via social media accounts affiliated with the Chinese Foreign Ministry to be irresponsible, insensitive and not at all constructive, especially in view of the issue in question,” said Nabila Massrali, EU spokeswoman for foreign affairs – and security policy, the Guardian said on Friday

Does anyone feel that after a very difficult year we have all received very stupid news?

Can you help us find those grins? Wyndham North Police are investigating the theft of an inflatable Christmas decoration from a Hoppers Crossing address📞 fight crime at 1,800,333,000🔗 https: // tco / 9rTgAsJf63 picTwittercom / asA1A5CUOr

last month

Amazing news! The two men who went missing off Kangaroo Island have now been found

A police helicopter has spotted the men on North Pages Island and waves to the pilot

I am assuming teams have now been dispatched to rescue the men, and I will keep you updated on how to do that

Two fishermen in a boat missing off Kangaroo Island have just been found on North Pages Island The police helicopter has just seen the two men waving at them The boat was found unattended nearby

Queensland Prime Minister Annastacia Palaszczuk says no NSW resident should be too concerned about coming to Queensland for Christmas, the AAP reports

The Prime Minister said she was “very pleased” with the progress NSW is making in finding the source of a coronavirus case

“Our Chief Health Officers speak regularly and are very pleased with the contact tracing that is currently going on,” Palaszczuk told Nines Today show this morning

We’re watching closely to see if it’s a cluster outbreak At the moment, however, there is nothing to worry about So go ahead with your plans

NSW Prime Minister Gladys Berejiklian said Thursday hotel quarantine violations would inevitably occur, noting the state marks its 100th anniversaryThe 000th returned traveler should welcome back within a few days

This is a real test for NSW, but I am confident that if we continue down the path we will pass this test again.

The mother of a 19-year-old who died of a drug overdose at a music festival has urged the New South Wales Prime Minister to change the state’s laws by allowing police to dump people with warnings when they do get caught with small amounts of drugs

Jennie Ross-King’s daughter Alex died in January 2019 after taking an unusually high amount of MDMA prior to arriving at a festival for fear of being caught using the drugs by the police

Her death was one of six deaths investigated last year in a landmark investigation before NSW Assistant Coroner Harriet Grahame, which helped Grahame establish high visibility police tactics like drug dogs and the search for Large-scale streaking at music festivals increases rather than decreases drug-related risks

On Thursday, Ross-King told the Guardian that a proposal by the NSW government to change drug laws in the state by introducing a warning system for those in possession of a small amount of drugs was “absolutely” a good idea / p>

The men are believed to have left Cape Jervis south of Adelaide on Thursday afternoon to go fishing for Cape Willoughby on the east coast of the island

One of the search efforts is the use of a police helicopter from South Australia, while an aircraft is also expected to fly in from Victoria

The search and rescue team is leaving Adelaide Airport for Kangaroo Island looking for two missing fishermen who didn’t return home last night @ 9NewsAdel BildTwittercom / CkIJzmiXDW

In addition to 35 days without infection, Victoria will reach another milestone on Monday Five international flights land at Melbourne Airport as the state’s hotel quarantine program for overseas travelers restarts

Flights from Singapore, Hong Kong, Colombo and Doha will land in Tullamarine throughout the day and carry a total of around 125 passengers, reports AAP

The newcomers will then be quarantined for 14 days as part of the New Look program, which was reworked following outbreaks from two hotels that sparked the deadly second wave of coronavirus in Victoria

It is being monitored by the newly established Covid-19 Quarantine Victoria (CQV) agency under Corrective Action Commissioner Emma Cassar, who will report to Police Minister Lisa Neville

No private security guards will be involved, with the exception of the cleaning staff, who have fixed-term contracts with Alfred Health, with any staff employed or directly contracted by CQV

Around 300 police officers from Victoria and 220 employees of the Australian armed forces are embedded in the hotels every day

Arrival in Victoria is initially limited to 160 travelers per day, with the lucky few around 3 for their mandatory two-week stayPay 500 USD per adult

They cannot leave their rooms for fresh air or exercise breaks, while food and care packages are no longer permitted

Treasurer @timpallas Announces New Genomics Hub at @unimelb Genome sequencing came to the fore at the height of the second wave when dozen of cases were linked to the hotel quarantine outbreak @ 10NewsFirstMelb #springst picTwittercom / NFNGbnWYHJ

Victoria has been virus-free for so long that if they record a day with no cases

there is little news

Still, I’ll be 35 Celebrate donut days in a row!

0 new cases and 0 deaths reported yesterday There are no active cases There were 8784 test results received Many thanks to everyone who signed up to test #EveryTestHelps #StaySafeStayOpen Info: https: // tco / pcll7ySEgz # COVID19Vic # COVID19VicData picTwittercom / H5RFk7Um2C

I mentioned earlier that the UK is preparing for a full rollout of the Covid-19 vaccine. Are you a little confused about how they did it so quickly or why they seem ahead of everyone else? Honestly the same

But fear not, the amazing Melissa Davey has made a comprehensive statement to keep us all updated. Read it below:

Prosecutors will learn today whether they have properly initiated proceedings against journalists for reporting the abuse convictions of Cardinal George Pell, the AAP reports

Media lawyers have argued that the theory behind the prosecution of journalists and media organizations for reports following Cardinal Pell’s 2018 convictions includes a “devastating hole the size of a bazooka”

The five child sexual abuse convictions were overturned by the Supreme Court earlier this year, and Cardinal Pell has since returned to Rome

More than two dozen media organizations, reporters, and editors were charged in the days following the conviction of disregarding violations of repression orders and other reporting rules

However, media attorneys say law enforcement is bound to fail because it relies on publications and broadcasts that tend to encourage people to watch international news by the name of Cardinal Pell

Any charge would fail unless it can be clearly demonstrated that all or some overseas articles can be found with simple online searches by people who read, see, or hear the stories at the center of the case, according to the prosecution waited four days before doing a google search that showed four overseas news articles – all with the most Australian articles

Matt Collins QC said other searches in late December were examples of confirmation bias using the American gag command used in international news coverage but not Australian

“This is a devastating hole the size of a bazooka in the case theory behind all these allegations,” he said

Prosecutor Lisa De Ferrari denied the case, citing clear allegations that the articles in question violated suppression orders. A Herald Sun article published information that “came from the trials,” which was specifically prohibited, she said

Judge John Dixon will announce his decision on Friday afternoon. If he rejects the non-case filings, the media attorneys will present their defense

As the country waits to see if the new Covid-19 infection has spread from NSW, Mark McGowan says he will take the weekend to review his options for opening the border with NSW and Victoria

WA is slated to open to the states starting next Tuesday and drop the 14-day quarantine requirement for travel out of these states

The schedule is in doubt, however, after a hotel quarantine worker in Sydney caught the virus and ended the state’s 26-day streak without a single new community case

There is an urgent need for genomic testing to determine how the woman became infected with the virus An update is expected to be released today

Depending on the extent of the NSW outbreak and the risk of further transmission, WA could also delay the reopening of its border with neighboring Victoria

“The NSW government is confident it has it under control, but we want to see and make sure the evidence supports this before we make a final decision,” said McGowan

“If the Chief Health Officer recommends postponing the opening to NSW, of course that is the decision we will make”

More than 15 million people have died as a result of Covid-19 On a weekly average, one death is reported every nine seconds as vaccinations are set to begin in December in a handful of developed nations

Reuters reports that in the past two months, 500000 deaths have occurred, suggesting the severity of the pandemic is far from over. Almost 65 million people worldwide are infected with the disease, and the worst-hit country, the US, is currently battling a third wave of coronavirus infections

In the last week alone, an average of more than 10 died every day000 people in the world, which has steadily increased every week. Many countries around the world are now fighting the second and third waves, which are even bigger than the first, and are forcing everyday life to new restrictions

If you want more global Covid-19 updates, check out the Guardian’s global live blog

As Melbourne can go more than a month without a Covid-19 infection, New South Wales is easing restrictions further and the Parafield cluster in South Australia is slowly disappearing into memories It seems as if the country is finally settling into the eagerly awaited “Covid normality”

However, as threat awareness wanes, experts say health officials need to strike a balance between risk mitigation and outreach

Prof Nancy Baxter, director of the School of Population and Global Health at the University of Melbourne, says there is a real risk that governments could breach remaining restrictions and refuse to largely adhere to them

“You saw this at the height of the second wave, when the [Victorian] government dug on its heels to continue the curfew long after it appeared to be done its job,” says Baxter. “By not doing that loosened up, people said, “Well why do we have to do this? “It started to question more constraints”

You can read my full story on how the government should deal with this next phase of the Covid-19 pandemic:

Good morning Matilda Boseley here It’s almost the end of the week and there’s no better way to get to the finish line than staying on the Guardian Live blog and getting all of the much needed news updates, Covid- 19 or other

First, Liberal MP Andrew Hastie criticized the Brereton report, which he believed was filled with “unproven rumors” of the murder of Afghan children by Australian soldiers The report gave China the opportunity to slander Australian troops

Hastie also targeted Twitter for refusing to post an inflammatory tweet by a Chinese State Department, suggesting that Australia is “experiencing a toxic mix of economic coercion and political disinformation brought on by social media oligarchs made possible by Silicon Valley in the USA “

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