boomers: millennials are *immoral* and only think about themselves

millennials: *sweating* would fleeing into the woods lower my environmental impact? am I supporting CEOs who are jerks to women? will I go to the Bad Place for drinking almond milk

You know you’re a starving millennial when you are watching Supermarket Sweep in 2020 and wondering if they get to keep the groceries. I could really use 30 honey hams right now.

You know you’re a millennial when the first thing you do on a website is sort price > low to high

Millennials can only remember two addresses at any one time:

-Their own address

-P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney

Cutting back my avocado toast habit to remedy my millennial ways. By my calculations I need to eat it 11 times less a day to afford a house.

Am I the only one who has anxiety about someone publishing a dumb email or post I don’t remember writing, or is this something that only happens to millennials who were on AIM at 13 and blogged teen romance poetry on MySpace?

You know you’re a millennial when the most feasible plan you can come up with to pay off your student loan debt is going on Jeopardy.

Millennials aren’t kids. Older ones are currently 39. They likely don’t even know what music actual kids listen to these days, and they want them off their lawn.

millennial culture is spending what little money you have on nerd shit that makes you happy as the world falls apart around you

You know you’re a millennial when your friends are trying to marry you off so that you can have health insurance

Millennial culture is daydreaming how much you’d help your friends if you were ever to get rich.


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