” It’s okay, but it’s not super compelling or special. The movie kind of drags, and it has a really weird blue filter that makes everything look washed out.”

“It’s nowhere near as good as people say it is. I understand that for its time it was groundbreaking, but how can people still say it’s their favorite movie? It’s pretty boring in terms of its character progression, world building, and general plot.”

“For the amount of money Disney spent acquiring the rights, you’d really think that they’d have a rough idea on what direction they wanted to take the new trilogy.”

“I love Disney, but it seemed very low effort and unoriginal — especially compared to other Disney movies.”

“It was super overrated by critics. It had very impressive CGI, but the plot was unoriginal. A decent film at best.”

“It’s just a monster flick and, compared to something like The Thing or Alien, it’s downright anti-climatic.”

“For me, it’s these series: Divergent, Maze Runner, and The Hunger Games. The same teenage hero/heroine in a dystopian future. So formulaic and predictable.”

“Maybe I’m not appreciating it fully — but it was just too weird and ‘artsy’ for me. The special effects weren’t great either.”

“I always see praise for it. I suppose when it came out in 1999 it might have been spooky? It was clearly an original concept and done well on their budget — but I just find it boring.”

“The premise made absolutely no sense whatsoever. The alignment of most of the characters is seemingly random and there were no real stakes — you know that everyone’s going to come back together in the end.”

“I didn’t enjoy it nearly as much as everyone else seemed to. It was a movie about an unlikable man making terrible decisions, one after another.”

“Joaquin Phoenix’s performance was phenomenal, but the movie itself was just okay. It had surface level themes and everything it tried to do has been done better elsewhere. It was good — but nowhere near the masterpiece people make it out to be.”

“I love the idea of a more serious and realistic Batman, I really do. However, it failed miserably at making Batman/Bruce Wayne a compelling character. He’s a horrible business man that everybody hates, apart from Alfred and Rachel.”

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/natashajokic1/overrated-movies

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