According to Britannica, Ganesha is an “elephant-headed Hindu god” known as the “remover of obstacles.” For more on Ganesha’s significance in Hinduism, click here.

why is Rihanna’s company doing a lingerie photoshoot outside a Hindu temple & she’s wearing a Ganesh pendant as accessory?! and why isn’t anyone talking about it?? y’all really pick & choose when to care

First Cardi B, now Rihanna. How hard is it to respect and not appropriate Hinduism for your own personal gain?

This also comes less than a week after this Fenty model posted half-naked photos in front of a Hindu temple…

There’s rightful outrage on my TL right now over a photo Rihanna posted where she’s half naked, promoting her lingerie line, while wearing a necklace of Ganesh, a Hindu god. It’s 2021 and by now we should all understand that religion is not an aesthetic.

I dont know who needed to hear this but no it’s not okay for Rihanna to use the hindu religion as an aesthetic even if it’s Rihanna.❤

@rihanna @PopcaanMusic @SavageXFenty Dear Rihanna, plz stop this nonsense. Super offensive wearing Ganesha like that. Our first god, a holy sentiment to millions of people celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi every year. Sorry Ri, u disappointed me &others u u have crossed d limits.
Yes it suit Farmer of @IncIndia.
Jai Hind

y’all can’t keep defending Rihanna! She’s being extremely disrespectful to the religion Hinduism and to Hindus! I’m sorry that you all have to see your religion blatantly disrespected in that way! All love from me💗

Hindu God necklace for aesthetic?

You can love Rihanna and still call her out btw.

I don’t even consider myself religious at all but I am so tired of Hindu culture being appropriated like this in such a disrespectful manner. No one is out here putting crosses for their lingerie posts, at least try and respect other cultures Rihanna. Do better, that’s all we ask


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