TV news broadcasters, productions studios, and others are using technology from a Seattle startup to analyze their video content and make changes based on audience reception.

Resonance AI recently reeled in $2.28 million of a larger investment round to fuel growth of its video analysis platform that uses artificial intelligence to measure dialogue, music, mood, lighting, pacing, movement, and more.

The startup provides data that helps content creators figure out what resonates with an audience. It can answer questions such as: Who is my most valuable talent? What types of stories resonate by market? Is the editing of my show too fast-paced?

The 6-year-old startup is led by CEO and co-founder Tom Chiarella, a former exec at Statera and General Electric, as well as president and co-founder Randa Minkarah, a media and advertising veteran who spent five years at Fisher Communications.

“This is built by media for media,” Minkarah said. “Typical video tagging identifies primarily objects and does not tie together elements in the video with actual performance. We are delivering meaningful, actionable insights that help our customers know their audience, grow their audience and keep them watching.”

Customers include networks such as The Weather Channel, and television broadcasters such as News Press Gazette.

Resonance was a top pick at TechCrunch’s Disrupt conference earlier this month. The 15-person company has raised about $5 million to date.

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News – Seattle startup Resonance AI raises $2.2M to analyze dialogue, mood, music in video content