They’re not just a convenience store where you buy gum and a snack for the road. They’re amazing little treasure troves, filled with delicious meals and fresh coffee and beauty products and trinkets.

We’re talking ice cream and chocolates with that delicious Thai tea flavour, embedded with chewy tapioca pearls.

It’s terrible for the environment, but it’s pretty amazing to see the whole range of stuff on offer.

It’s probably a good idea to get one of each and try them all, in the name of science.

And when I say they’ve got awesome flavors, I don’t just mean salt and vinegar. I spotted sweet basil, curry pizza, salted egg, hot chili squid, nori seaweed, prawn salad, baked cheese with tamarind paste, blueberry yogurt, and ketchup.

The 7-Eleven pre-packaged sandwich game is STRONG. The ham and cheese toasties are surprisingly fresh, and the egg sandwiches on white bread are way, way better than they sound.

This legit tastes like an actual cake. You can use their sandwich warmers to make it all hot and gooey and delicious.

And there’s a surprisingly diverse range of options for vegans — this is a stir fry with vegetarian soy protein. 7-Eleven in the US could never!!!

And, of course, a hot water tap so you can make and enjoy them on the spot.

These little cookie-filled nuggets are so much better than a normal Hershey’s bar. Plus there are heaps of flavors of Oreos and Kit-Kats to discover as well.


News – Thailand’s 7-Elevens Are One Of My Favorite Places On Earth — Here’s Why