straight men will judge your outfit for being to feminine while they be wearing THESE in public

straight culture is using 😂 unironically nd telling ur mate to remember u when theyre famous after their tweet gets 10 likes nd a rt

gay culture is watching the youtube video of this performance on repeat when you were 11

straight people have no culture? then explain the “first date, kinda nervous” snap stories that they post when they go out for lunch with their friends

how do straight people not go on 6 hr+ first dates do u set a timer or something

this is straight culture

brb as I try to resuscitate my IQ back up to the single digit it used to be

A cute guy at the gym wanted to give me a fist bump and my gay ass thought he was pretending to hold a microphone so I leaned over and said hello

apparently straight culture is posting a photo dump of you hiking with your significant other captioned “wasn’t all bad”


News – These Painfully Accurate Tweets Show The Huge Difference Between Straight And Gay Culture