Which is a worse way to start the day: Running out of coffee or having no hot water in the shower?

Which is worse: Stubbing your toe on the table or burning your finger on a hot kettle?

Which is worse: Realizing you forgot your mask while on the way to run errands, or losing your internet for a night?

Forgetting your mask.

Losing your internet for a night.

Which is worse: Trying to teach your mom how to use technology, or being put on hold with customer service for over 15 minutes.

Which is worse: Cleaning the toilet or cleaning the whole kitchen?

Which is worse: Missing a work deadline or having to work on a Saturday?

Missing a work deadline.

Working on a Saturday.

Which is worse: Locking yourself out of your house or locking yourself out of your phone?

Which is worse: Getting the wrong clothing size delivered to you, or missing a key cooking ingredient for something you wanted to make?

Which is worse: Someone bailing on you last minute for plans, or having to go to something you really want to bail on?

Being bailed on.

Wanting to bail, but having to go.

Which is worse: Feeling like there’s nothing you want to watch, or feeling like there’s no one you want to text?

Nothing you want to watch.

No one you want to text.

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/daniellaemanuel/feelings-everyday-inconveniences

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