What do PJ Harvey and Slipknot have in common? They were both robbed 20 years ago!

If you were to vote for your favorite 2000 songs today, your list would likely look very different than it was 20 years ago

The nice thing about reliving the hottest 100 from two decades ago is the ability to reflect on our questionable and brilliant decisions and think about what excited us about these songs at that moment

Countdown 2000 is strong A relatively tasteful reflection of what moved us back then Sure, we’d turn off a few of the sillier pieces if we had a choice, and some of the music and themes are a bit on the nose, but it does is really a very good list of songs

Eels ” Mr E’s Beautiful Blues ” is a gem, but it’s probably number 30.I never got into Filter’s ‘Take A Picture,’ but the song was huge and holds up well enough to hold its place in still earning the top 50

But gosh, there were a couple of injustices songs that should have been way up with Wheatus instead of lagging behind with Reef

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There are often reasonable explanations for why songs are not ranking as high as they should be. At the time of publication, the artist’s fan base cannot decide on a song,

But this one still amazed me after two decades. Why the hell did ‘Good Fortune’ only creep into number 90?

Even in a career full of highs, this title is still a striking highlight in PJ Harvey’s catalog

She sounds casual and almost chatty as she makes stark but powerful observations of being in love with New York City.It’s a song of personal evolution that makes the feeling of a new chapter opening and the great opportunities the world has to offer summarized so powerfully

It also has a brilliant refrain: contagious without being annoying, and a perfect extension of those wonderful, flowing verses

One of the great indie songs of the 2000s One of the great injustices of the hottest 100

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It’s no surprise that a song with this abrasive couldn’t crack a point higher than the mid-1970s

Slipknot appealed to a niche audience – dedicated but niche – and the voting pool for a song that sounded like this and made by a band that looked like they did was always a little smaller than most of the others

But when you pit this against some of the other Metal songs on the countdown, namely Papa Roach’s ‘Last Resort’ or Limp Bizkit’s ‘My Generation’, it seems like the clowns here have been robbed a bit

You don’t have to be a Slipknot fan to be a ‘Wait and Bleed’ fan It’s just a pop song A brilliant melody, loads of heartfelt emotion, and the sonic characteristics of the era (which happened to be the scratching of the turntable were crammed together in an angry two minutes, stripped of all fat

The song was more intense than anything that moved from the metal world to a mainstream audience, which seems funny two decades later

While Slipknot’s masked mayhem is still terrifying, heavier bands have had similar successes at cracking mainstream audiences and probably making it a lot easier than Slipknot 20 years ago

Songs like this feel embryonic when you look at how metalcore and the genres associated with it have spoken to teenagers without raising their eyebrows over the past few years

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If you’d asked me in 2000, I would have said Tex Perkins’ Dark Horses was one of the best – if not the best – albums of the year I’ve played the skin from that disc any time of the day or night / p>

While this record featured a slew of brilliant songs, it was this lead single that shone the brightest on A Break-Up Song so relatable that listening to it is equally punitive and cathartic

Almost everything about the song seems fragile and delicate – acoustic guitar, piano, strings, drums – with the exception of Perkins’ attitude

It’s a song of confrontation A song about difficult conversations A song about a dark time to move into a better future Tex is sad in his delivery but not sentimental This is not the time to pity yourself, this is the time to act

Not only was this the only Dark Horses song to hit the hottest 100 (in the criminal low of 72), but it’s Tex’s only solo entry in one of the hottest 100

I’m not suggesting we retroactively move a track from his No. 1 & No. 2s album from 2008 into a later countdown, I just think it’s a bloody oversight that it is – outside of The Cruel Sea (the one in the Hottest 100 did very well) – There wasn’t much Tex in the January countdown

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After last year’s Fetch The Bolt Cutters, everyone was talking about Fiona Apple again for good reason

But 20 years ago it was about when the farmer meets the conflicts He thinks like a king What he knows is throwing the punches when he goes to fight and he will win the whole thing before stepping in the ring No body to hit when your mind is your power So if you are walking alone, hold your own hand and remember that the depth is the greatest height If you know where you stand, you know where to land and if you fall you win. It doesn’t matter because you’ll know you’re right, the singer-songwriter’s brilliant second album

‘Fast As You Can’, the lead single of it, was released very early in 2000 in Australia (it came out earlier in the US, but we don’t live there) Perhaps that’s why it was sorely overlooked the vote

It’s the kind of song that feels like it’s jumping on you from the radio The arrangement is maddened as Apple’s brilliant piano playing and lyric gymnastics keep the verses filled with some sort of urgent energy, who feels just as scared as the lyrics she sings

Halfway through it all shifts, Whether Apple stops fighting the mental demons that plague them in the verses or if it has found a way to bypass them, it keeps them in check while the songs are halfway through Falling speed

But then everything starts again, because it always starts again. Fear returns and so does energy

Apple’s honest and finely crafted lyrics say a lot in “Fast As You Can”, but their music probably says more. It’s really smart, it still sounds as cool as ever, and it should have been higher than number 62!

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When voting opened for the 2000 Hottest 100, after the release of Radiohead’s distorted masterpiece and the amazing Kid A left turn, we were still trying to put pieces of our brains together

Even those of us who praised the album as one of the best by the Oxford group probably had reservations about voting for a track from it, so it’s probably a wonder that ‘Everything In Its Right Place’ made it into the world at all Countdown has made it, let alone in the top half

But the great thing in hindsight is that it’s not illegal. I can say that anyone who believes Bomfunk MC’s “Freestyler”, Limp Bizkit’s “Take A Look Around” or Wheatus “Teenage Dirtbag” deserves a higher bill as this creepy but soothing alien piano ballad has to deal with whatever it took to get you to this conclusion

To take it seriously for a moment, Radiohead’s dominance in 1997 (two songs in the top ten) and almost complete omission in 2000 put things into perspective. Kid A is a classic album with not many classic tracks (as opposed to ’97’s OK Computer’ which included ‘Paranoid Android’, ‘Karma Police’, No Surprises’ and one more bag)

Triple J listeners voted Kid A their favorite album of 2000. Huge Praise But that song was all that made the cut into the hottest 100

It’s easy to sit back and think about which songs from that album we’ve been living with for 20 years should have counted down. But the more casual Radiohead fans were still excited about the record, so significant was a departure for their publication

I contend that “Everything in its right place” is in the wrong place in the hottest 100, and that “Idioteque”, “The National Anthem” and “Optimistic” deserve a spot too

But the fact that one of the big records of 2000 in the hottest 100 was almost completely overlooked really speaks volumes about what we say – and what we don’t – when we cast our votes

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Gomez ‘second album Liquid Skin was a resounding hit in Australia and for a damn good reason.There are a lot of stunning songs on this record and the fact that this is the only one to make the hottest 100 is a shame But that’s life

Good news: the absolute best song on the album and probably the best song in the band’s career made it onto the list with a very respectable number 35

The problem here is Gomez ‘single’ Machismo ‘, which was released a few months after Liquid Skin on an EP of the same name

It’s a fine little cut-and-paste piece of indie blues that certainly fits the mood of the moment and the band’s sound. But 20 years later, it’s one of their more memorable songs

The problem is, it was also ranked 38th in the hottest 100, which could have affected ‘WHTA’ chances of getting a higher ranking

Now, of course, it’s entirely possible that Gomez fans simply voted for both songs. The fact that they were only a few digits apart suggests that this is likely

But it is also possible that those who only wanted to vote for one Gomez song chose ‘machismo’ It was fresher, it was shorter, it was on the soundtrack to Gone In 60 Seconds: all compelling reasons at the time, I’m sure

You may love both songs but get to that crescendo just before the fourth minute of “We Haven’t Turned Around” and tell me you wouldn’t destroy the “machismo” master tapes to get this six and a half minute masterpiece turn higher in the list

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If I hadn’t already told you that this song came in at number 32 in 2000, you would surely have guessed that it was ranked higher

Spiller was an Italian producer who had little success with a few singles in the late 1990s. Sophie Ellis-Bextor was a 20-year-old singer whose band Theaudience had just split up

Together they made a single song called ‘Groovejet’ for some reason I’d rather never find out

Would you like to know what I recently discovered about ‘Groovejet’? It still absolutely destroys the flight noise at the start sucks, but the rest of the song is just perfect

The guitar line, Ellis-Bextor’s inviolably cool vocal performance, that chorus that runs in your head over and over again. Even those lame disco laser sounds are fun

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