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Former Young Australian of the Year and Queensland Labor MP Jonty Bush says she has been sexually assaulted and compares the trauma of her experience to a “shadow we cannot shake”

On a Facebook post, Ms. Bush explained a number of allegations of sexual harassment and assault, including the allegation that a speaker for a Young Australian of the Year conference in Canberra pinned her to a wall and tried to kiss her / p>

“So many of us live with the trauma of sexual harassment or assault, it’s something that is always there, a shadow that we cannot shake,” she wrote

“And we rarely talk about it like we’re really talking about it. Our shame protects it and locks us up we have to try to stop “

She was 16 years old and did not live at home She wrote that a friend’s father gave her alcohol at a party and that she had a conversation

“I woke up with him on me in the wee hours of the morning,” she added. “I froze until he stopped”

She said she “never found the words” to inform her boyfriend of the alleged attack “before she later committed suicide”

Years later, while speaking at the Young Australian of the Year conference in Canberra, Ms. Bush, a speaker with whom she had exchanged ideas for some time, said she invited her into his room for a business card snap

But when they entered, she claimed the man “closed and locked the door behind me, pinned me to the wall, and tried to kiss me”

“He was at least twice my age – by then I had known him for maybe two hours,” she wrote

The Queensland MP addressed an incident with a “respected, warm, caring, and intelligent” professor with whom she worked

While on a work trip, Ms. Bush said she went into the man’s room to borrow toothpaste when he invited her

“The moment was so unremarkable when he turned to me and said, ‘So, are we going to f *** or what?’ I was completely unprepared, both with what he said and the ease with which he said it “

Ms. Bush said her experiences were “not unique” and urged leaders to “address this issue” rather than treat it like an annoying distraction “

“That’s why so many women marched across the country this week,” she wrote, referring to the women’s rallies on Nov. March across Australia

“It is time for the Prime Minister to understand what so many people are living with. It is time for us as a society to see this too”

This is followed by criticism of Scott Morrison on Monday after he said it was a triumph that protesters in front of the parliament building were not “bulleted”

While Ms. Bush complained about the ubiquitous sexual harassment, she said she was glad that women support one another

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