Sydney killer Mert Ney told the first and last words of his victim Michaela Dunn to a courtroom after entering her city apartment were: “Are you okay?”

Ney, pleading guilty to murdering Ms. Dunn and a second woman during his subsequent rampage through the CBD on Jan. Stabbing to death on August 8, 2019, presented evidence in the NSW Supreme Court on Tuesday, detailing how he killed the 24-year-old woman shortly after arriving at her Clarence Street apartment for a sex work appointment, for which he described didn’t have the money to pay

The killer did not provide a clear explanation for his actions.He denied being a terrorist or having extremist views, despite having a video on his laptop of the Christchurch massacre that he had watched more than 20 times

He said his opinion of the massacre was that it was “pretty bad, a pretty terrible thing” but added: “I don’t hate white supremacists I have a friend in prison with a large swastika on his leg”â ????

He told the court that he had not associated Ms. Dunn with the Christchurch killer and that he had no special feelings about sex workers or his regular use of their services

Ney said when he got to Ms. Dunn’s apartment she didn’t ask him for money. She asked if I was okay he said

He said he walked down the hall and sat down and she asked him a second time if he was okay

When his lawyer Belinda Rigg asked what he did next, he said, “It’s too graphic, I don’t know”

He said he didn’t feel like talking to Ms. Dunn and tried to walk past her, but she didn’t move even after he pulled a six-inch knife from his pocket. She screamed “pretty loud” and he “was just starting to stab her in the neck just to make them calm “

With arms crossed as Ms. Dunn’s horrified family watched, Ney told the court that he stabbed her everywhere, face, hands, arms, chest, leg

At this stage of Ney’s testimony, Ms. Dunn’s mother left the courtroom, but her sister stayed. The killer went on to describe how he eventually ended Ms. Dunn’s life using another knife he took from the apartment kitchen

Ney told the court that after Ms. Dunn’s murder he thought, “This is the point of no return There is no going back I have to fully commit myself now”

Joanne Dunn (left), the mother of Michaela Dunn, leaves the Supreme Court after hearing Mert Ney testify on Tuesday Photo credit: Kate Geraghty

After the murder, Ney put on a balaclava and took his knife out on the street He shouted “Allah akbar”, hit onlookers and stabbed a woman before a group of civilians chased him and held him under a milk crate and a cafe chair

Attorney General Craig Everson said to Ney, “You set out this morning with the intention of killing someone in a terrorist attack so that you would be killed, didn’t you?” ??

Ney told the court he always carried the knife for protection and “I’m not even sure why I did it”

When asked by Ms. Rigg how he felt about what he did to Ms. Dunn and her family, Ney said, shit every night I think about her asking me if I’m okayâ? ??

In his recent posts, Mr. Everson said that Ney’s comments were online before and during the attack what Ney dismissed as “shit posting” a ???? and immediately after pointing out to the police that his actions were inspired by terrorism

He said it was “off the point” that Ney had no connection to a terrorist organization. It’s what was on his mindâ ????

Ms. Rigg stated that Ney’s violent behavior on the street was intended to lead the police to shoot him, and it was just something he decided after Ms. Dunn’s death

She said when Ney told his friend in the weeks before that he wanted to die – but not suicide, wants to remove some scum first – was no proof of intent Still was a “joke” ???? about a mass shooting

Michaela Dunn

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