Severe thunderstorms have hit the west and southwest of Sydney, as well as large parts of the north and northeast of NSW

A trough in western New South Wales meets humid and humid air in the east of the state to determine weather patterns, according to the Bureau of Meteorology Bad weather is expected for most of the coming week

“We have a trough in the western part of the state and in front of it in the eastern part a lot of warm air, a lot of moisture, and all of this leads to a lot of thunderstorm activity Said the meteorologist Helen Reid

Reid said Sydney would be badly hit by storms on Monday before there would be a pattern of general rainfall in the coming days

On Monday afternoon, gusts of almost 80 km / h were registered in Penrith in the west of Sydney and more than 90 km / h in Maitland in the NSW Hunter

The storm cell hitting Penrith is moving west and is expected to reach the Sydney business district around 5:30 p.m. on Monday, the office said

Those living in affected areas have been told to move their cars undercover or away from trees, secure loose objects, stay eight meters away from fallen power lines, and avoid driving through floods

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