By Sam Prance

David Dobrik has uploaded a video in which he deals with the allegations against Durte Dom and apologizes for his mistakes

TRIGGER WARNING: This article contains information that may trigger or annoy some people. Please read on with caution

Yesterday (17 March) Insider published an article in which an anonymous woman accused vlog squad member Durte Dom of rape. accused of rape by engaging in sexual activities with her that night while she was so incapacitated by alcohol that she could not consent “

Insiders also say she “says members of the vlog team delivered alcohol to her and her friends who were too young to buy it themselves.” The anonymous woman claims David filmed her in the apartment “when she entered Durte Dom’s bedroom with him,” David “edited and uploaded the footage a few days later as a” threesome “story”

The vlog titled “SHE SHOULD NOT HAVE PLAYED WITH FIRE !!” was deleted after the anonymous wife asked David to do so, but it was viewed five million times before he did. Now David went to YouTube to speak directly about the allegations

In a video titled ‘Let’s Talk,’ David says, “I’ve made over 600 videos and I love making people happy for a living and that’s all I want to do other than agree is something that is super, super important to me “

“Whether I’m shooting with a friend or a stranger, I always make sure that the video I’m putting out has been approved by that person”

Then he goes on to say: “For people I no longer film with, like Dom and the other people I no longer film with, I have decided to distance myself because I do not align myself with some actions and I do not stand for any wrongdoing. Some of my friends really let me down and for this reason I broke up with many “

David ends the video by saying, “I’m sorry if I let you down. Things like that won’t happen again I’ve learned from my mistakes I also believe that actions speak much louder than words to mine Take word for the fact that I will change, but I will also show and show that the mistakes I made before will not happen again “

This is the latest in a series of allegations against David Dobrik and the Vlog Team. You can follow the full story on YouTuber News on our YouTube channel

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