The Barcelona football club lost an offer before the EU Supreme Court on Thursday to overturn a claim it had received through tax breaks for unjustified state aid

The EU Court of Justice dismissed an appeal by FC Barcelona against a February 2019 ruling that found that its status as a non-profit organization resulted in an unfairly lower tax rate than most other Spanish clubs

Under a Spanish law spanning three decades, only Barcelona, ​​Pamplona, ​​Athletic Bilbao and Real Madrid were granted not-for-profit status and all other professional clubs had to register as limited liability companies subject to higher taxes / p>

Taken from an allegation by the European Commission that it actually received state aid, FC Barcelona argued that there was no legal evidence of economic benefit

However, the EU General Court sided with the Commission when it found that the conditions corresponded to the definition of state aid under European law

It ruled that the EU lower court had made a mistake in handling the matter, stating that “the grant system in question was required to give preference to clubs that operate as non-profit organizations”

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