The NRL has announced that it will be reviewing the financial penalties it can impose for rule violations after fining Broncos proponent Payne Haas $ 50Delivered $ 000 and a three-game ban to intimidate the police

Haas again apologized publicly on Monday for the incident on Jan. January, which led to his pleading guilty on two counts of intimidating Tweed Heads police

The 21-year-old avoided a criminal conviction last week but received a two-year bond of good conduct while standing before the local Tweed Heads court

The NSW Origin Propeller said it would accept the punishment after being served with the NRL violation notice The fine of 50$ 000 was about nine percent of Haas’s salary in Brisbane

This is the maximum amount Haas can be fined by the league under NRL rules

Andrew Abdo, CEO of NRL, has announced a formal consultation with the Rugby League Players Association to increase financial penalties for off-field incidents

On Monday, Abdo stressed that a review of education policies and programs would also take place, with any increase in fines being just one facet of a more holistic approach to player behavior

“Payne’s behavior was unacceptable. There is no excuse for any form of abuse towards our police force. Any player who intimidates the police force will be treated severely,” he said

“It’s been a few years since we reviewed our criminal regime and looked at what the player cap is

“As part of his sanction, Payne must attend an appropriate educational program and do community service as directed by the NRL

“Since then, many things have happened and changed. The upper salary limit is significantly higher than in previous years

“The financial economy has changed. But there is also a small group of players who continue to violate in areas that are really important to us that don’t meet the standards we expect at the NRL and certainly the standards that the Community expects

“We are not only reviewing the penalties, but also our educational program and will do so in consultation with the RLPA

“This is not a knee-jerk reaction. This is not just about fixing one thing, you have to look at the entire system

“You have to create incentives, you have to create consequences, and most importantly, you have to create an environment where people can be the best they can be

“Of course [players] do make mistakes from time to time, but we have to make sure we address this and people don’t make the same mistake twice”

It’s the second time in three years an off-field incident has kept Haas off the start of the season in Brisbane after receiving a four-game ban and a fine of $ 20Has fined $ 000 for refusing to collaborate with an NRL Integrity Unit investigation in 2019

He will miss the club’s opening game against Parramatta at Suncorp Stadium as well as games against the Titans and Bulldogs

Haas will also complete an educational program and complete community service as part of the sentence imposed by the NRL

Abdo said the community work with the Broncos is still ongoing and will aim to “empathize people who have suffered violence, be it verbal or physical attacks, and the great job the police are doing for us has “

As an abdo to a fine of 50$ 000 came in, he said the NRL Integrity Unit had offset the impact of the Haas ban on Brisbane and its fans, as well as the financial impact on individuals

Haas introduced the media in Brisbane after the NRL imposed his sentence and said he had stopped drinking after the incident last month

“I take full responsibility for what happened at Tweed Heads and take full responsibility for my actions that night,” said Haas

“I am sorry for my actions that night, I accept the punishment from the NRL and must now use my time outside of the game to reflect on my behavior

“I really appreciate the police, who took the time to sit down with me and explain how they felt and how my actions affected them

“It amplified how bad my actions and behavior were, and that hits me at home”

Payne Haas

World News – AU – Haas has been fined 50US $ 000 and banned three games for intimidating the police