Channel 7 aired the shocking footage of Denise Drysdale falling and breaking her shoulder on the set of Holey Moley

Channel 7 aired the shocking footage of Denise Drysdale, who was injured on the set of Holey Moley

Drysdale was one of the stars who attended Celebrity Holey Moley, which was filmed back in October

It was reported at the time that Drysdale had broken his shoulder while attending the show, but it was not clear exactly how it happened

A spokeswoman for Eureka Productions said at the time, “When Denise Drysdale was filming Holey Moley in Brisbane last night, she tripped over a putting green and sustained a shoulder injury. She is resting and receiving treatment Denise is a national treasure and everyone wants her early recovery ”

On Sunday night, the TV special revealed that Drysdale tripped while chasing an adult in a Gofer costume

Drysdale chased the gofer for just zapping her with electricity – a penalty she received for failing to get her ball into the hole called “Frankenputt”

The TV legend screamed in pain after the fall and pressed her shoulder to the ground as the Gofer watched helplessly

A team of medics took care of Drysdale and she received pain relief before being taken off the set in a wheelchair

Speaking for the first time shortly after the incident at Studio 10, Drysdale told the hosts, “I wasn’t playing stupid guys, it was 3:30 a.m. and a segment I was just doing shouldn’t even have been considered I did and shouldn’t have. I learned a terrible lesson at my age, but it changed my thinking again! “

She spoke again about the Studio 10 incident earlier this month, telling co-hosts Sarah Harris and Tristan MacManus that she felt “so stupid” and was still in pain after the fall

“I had a little accident, I broke my shoulder and then sat down for three months, there was nothing I could do,” she told them

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