Around 300000 people signed up live for the video’s premiere. LazarBeam confirmed that it actually has its own Icon Series skin on the way, which was released on Jan. March canceled

As for the design of the outfit, Lazar decided to pay homage to his roots in construction. “I just honestly thought it would be pretty fun to put an Australian tradie in Fortnite,” he explained before doing an emote with similar themes where he sat down to enjoy a nice meat pie

Expect lots of related content and giveaways from LazarBeam in the next few days. Congratulations Lazar!

LazarBeam keeps its supporters waiting eagerly for the thought of a possible skin drop from the Icon series

The OCE region may not be highly respected by the competitive community, but when it comes to content, they are unstoppable! The popular YouTuber Lannan “LazarBeam” Eacott will be the third Australian player to get his own outfit in Fortnite

If the rumors are true, he will join Lachlan and Loserfruit as the newest member of the Fortnite Icon Series.Other icons include superstar musicians Travis Scott and Marshmello, Fortnite legend Ninja and, most recently, TheGrefg, who started his game in January Record breaking skin streaming history has made

It was LazarBeam himself who caused the excitement after he saw him today, Jan. March, at 5 p.m. EST, premiered a video entitled “MY FORTNITE SKIN REVEAL” However, some fans are more than a little suspicious

When pinning a comment on the above post, he just said “no clickbait” Of course, this made people wary that they might be betrayed, and anyone watching Lazar knows that a joke like this would surely be on the mark

Fortnite Leaker @iFireMonkey decided to investigate, testing the video and finding that it is only 2 minutes and 25 seconds long “Since the video length is pretty short, I’d say this has been 99% confirmed to be his Icon Series skin“

Could his reveal still be a troll? Yes, all I can see is the length of the video, however, it’s becoming more and more the trend to post about the skin of your Icon series before it’s in the files so it doesn’t leak like Lachlan and Loserfruit

While nothing is guaranteed yet, it is likely that LazarBeam’s announcement is legitimate. Fortunately, it won’t be long before we find out for sure


World news – AU – LazarBeam presents the upcoming skin of the Fortnite Icon Series