Queensland Prime Minister Annastacia Palaszczuk explains what restrictions will remain in place for Queensland over the next two weeks

Queensland Prime Minister Annastacia Palaszczuk says the Greater Brisbane lockdown will end at 12:00 PM EDT, but all Queenslanders must wear a mask when they leave home for the next fortnight

The road toll in Queensland this year has been shocking so far – significantly higher than in the same period last year

The state’s assistant police commissioner has asked people to be careful when traveling on Easter as restrictions are easing

“Traditionally, Easter is a very high risk time for us. We don’t want to lose a person on our streets this Easter weekend. We don’t want to see that. So please obey the highway code. Be patient when you are out there “

“I just reiterate that if the Morrison government had started building a national quarantine facility with us, we would not be exposed to such risks. Yesterday, David Littleproud said the Commonwealth would provide whatever the states needed Well, we need a national quarantine center so that we can reduce the risk of returning travelers so that we don’t have to reduce the number of returning travelers in the event of an outbreak

“What you saw yesterday, I think, was a very cynical attempt by David Littleproud to use the number of vaccines delivered to states and territories to get Andrew Laming out of the news cycle I think while that may have worked , We can all agree that David Littleproud is the April Fool’s Day 2021 But he shouldn’t have risked trust in the vaccine to take advantage of the political advantages of the Morrison administration

“We currently only have three days to deliver the Pfizer vaccine. We have a 12 day supply of the AstraZeneca vaccine, and at current rates that could only be eight to nine days If you remember that this is the vaccine we are giving out to our regions and to our remote communities, we need it – we need plenty of it to make sure our hospitals have it “

Yvette D’Ath was tested yesterday after waking up with a sore throat and flu-like symptoms

“I’ll leave the most important thing for last, but you all know this – that is, if you’re sick, just stay home

“No matter how mild your symptoms are, just stay home and enjoy your own home and get tested This is critical This is the most critical thing that keeps all Queenslanders safe”

Dr Young said there was still a need to protect Queensland’s most vulnerable people over the next two weeks, elderly care facilities, disabled care facilities, hospitals and prisons will only allow end-of-life visits to visitors

“You can’t have other visitors that I know will be very, very difficult this Easter time, so that’s another problem, but we have to keep doing this, hopefully if we get all of these locations vaccinated in the future, hopefully we have to don’t do it again, “she said

“So for the next 14 days, when everyone in Queensland can get the reaction they need, wear the masks – always indoors unless you are in your own home or at work and you can get socially distant because of that You You are in your own office or in an area where you can socially distance yourself

“Or of course, if you are in your own car and none other than your family is in the car, you have to, but everyone knows perfectly well what to do – you have to use common sense

“So it’s inside unless you’re in a situation by yourself, sit down to eat or drink, or are younger than 12 – although I have to admit I’ve seen a lot of kids outside there wearing masks what is great to see, they don’t have to, but if they want and can, why not then teaching our kids about the future is a great thing. Wearing masks is really important “

Dr Jeanette Young said it was important to note that Queensland is not entirely clear yet

“Now unfortunately we have to keep the rest of Queensland restrictions on for the next 14 days as we’re not fully cleared up yet. We think we can with these restrictions and the response we’ve seen from Queenslanders , create, but that doesn’t mean the outbreak is over, “she said

“Just means I don’t think we need the lockdown to handle this outbreak in the future We can take advantage of these other restrictions and the Queenslander response “

“We only had one community acquired case overnight in Queensland and that was the perfect case, if I could describe it that way

“When the person returned to Queensland, they were quarantined and tested Monday night and found negative on Monday night

“Then they were retested Wednesday morning when they were positive they were in quarantine during their infection period So no risk at all So definitely a linked case but also the added bonus of being in quarantine”

Everyone must be seated in a grocery and beverage store, and gatherings at your home are limited to 30 people across Queensland

“This is really important that we do this for the next two weeks because we’re not out of the woods yet. The Greater Brisbane lock has been lifted but we’re not out of the woods yet, so I ask Queenslanders – everyone Queenslanders – for the next two weeks, if we all do the right thing, we can get through this together “said the premier

Services over Easter may also be held, whereby the rule of one person per 2 square meters applies

Queensland is ditching its Greater Brisbane hotspot statement, and Annastacia Palaszczuk says she will ask other jurisdictions to do the same

“But when you come to Queensland, you must adhere to these restrictions on wearing masks just like everyone else,” she says

“And if you really think about it, it’s a small thing, but it does mean we can go out, support our businesses, support our tourism industry, and hang out with our loved ones a very special time of year “

“In the next two weeks, from 12 noon today to Thursday, March 15 April, all Queenslanders must wear a mask when leaving their home

“We will also ask you to wear these masks indoors such as shopping malls and supermarkets, indoor workplaces, and public transportation”

Queensland recorded 10 new cases, but nine of the new cases are in hotel quarantine.A single case is associated with the known clusters.There were 34 yesterday711 tests

Currently there are only areas in NSW with additional restrictions, namely the Byron Bay area, which Victoria has designated as an orange zone as part of its permitting system.But any trip right now carries risks for Tariq as we’ve all seen that things can change very quickly! So all you have to do is be willing to change your plans at short notice if you have to

Victorians have been advised not to travel to all of Queensland unless there is an essential reason to do so

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Spare a thought to our friends in France, they just found out they are going to go into a third national lockdown after COVID-19 infections have doubled in a month

Movement restrictions that have existed in Paris and some northern and southern regions for more than a week will apply from Saturday for at least one month for the entire country

That 11am estimate is for today’s numbers – including at least one COVID case announced yesterday

While the stand-up isn’t specific to COVID-19 – neither the Chief Medical Officer nor the Minister of Health will be in attendance – she will likely be asked about the situation on the far north coast

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