Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews has harassed prominent ABC journalist Leigh Sales over the state’s response to the recent coronavirus outbreak

During the Prime Minister’s daily briefing on Monday, Sales dropped her usual 730 studio to confront Mr Andrews at the press conference after declining her request for an interview

During the tense exchange, which lasted nearly 10 minutes, sales investigated him on Victoria’s five-day lockdown after 17 cases were linked to a cluster at the Holiday Inn at Melbourne Airport


“If you have confidence in the system that your own bureaucrat said works reasonably well, why do you need a lockdown?” She said

However, Mr Andrews was quick to bit back on her first question, saying she made a number of false claims

“I am more than confident in the team we have and the Victorian community that they can get through this. With the utmost respect you have brought me a number of things that are incorrect”

Sales questioned the lockdown, saying the system was working well as Victoria only reported two new cases on Monday, one locally acquired and one in hotel quarantine

Mr Andrews then shot back and said it was a different question than the first she asked where she “pretended there were all sorts of trust issues”

Then he added that he did not understand her question and claimed that she suggested it would be better if there were a bunch more cases than reported

“This is a clear point, and I’ve made it literally thousands of times. You have to assume that just like epidemiologists, public health experts, and political leaders around the world, you must assume that there are more cases than you know because if you assume otherwise and turn out to be wrong, there is no problem going back

“There’s no end, you mustn’t go, well, I can just rewind these couple of weeks and make the decision the officers told me that I refused”

Sales then asked if they would put a lockdown every time the state records two or three cases a day

Mr. Andrews said they would avoid implementing national measures or additional rules, but taking into account the circumstances of each individual case

The sale pushed him further, saying the lockdown was hard to take for Victorians, with regards to the infectious British strain Covid, Andrews said it was a different virus than it was in 2020

“Do you really want me to look for the best advice? The most politically popular advice? Do you really want me to say, ‘Gee, this is going to be incredibly hard to stop?’ I’m not ready to do that, “he said

However, sales said the lockdown put a real cost on the Victorians, who had already suffered a difficult lockdown last year

“Again the nature of the cases, this British burden, the fact that despite the amazing efforts of all of our lanes and testers and lab technicians, and the work of so many real hard-working Victorians, we had a situation while simultaneously becoming aware of the main case , they have already infected close contacts which we have not seen before, “said Andrews

“If in the end it was your or others’ view that this was too much, you are free to form those views

“What I can’t do is ever ignore advice and have a situation where I look for what’s most popular, only to be proven wrong and not have a case or two but something far worse than the particular one at the top of the vaccine that is being rolled out “

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