It was big news earlier this week when Mark Wahlberg announced his plans to expand his burger empire into our great southern country

Now he’s come out saying he’s open to changing the menu to suit Australian tastes!

In a debate that has and will always divide the nation, do you like beetroot in your burger?

Wahlberg interviewed “A Current Affair” and said he was open to adding beetroot to his burgers

“If that’s what the customers want,” the actor said in the interview, which is fair enough, it’s not quite the way they do it in the US

“My taste buds grew a bit – I didn’t think I would like Vegemite either, and I got quite a bit of it while I was there,” he continued


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Mark Wahlburg is opening his burger chain ‘Wahlburgers’ in Brisbane in the coming months!

Mark Wahlberg

Weltnachrichten – AU – Mark Wahlberg gives tips on how to add a controversial Australian favorite to his Wahlburger menu