With a long career as a sexologist and five books published, most would assume that the newest MAFS expert Alessandra Rampolla has seen it all, of course, by the time she lands in Oz!

Rumors have been circulating for weeks that a groom is setting the expert in motion, but New Idea can show that it is none other than business owner James

The divorced father of three is said to have tied the knot this week and is said to have seriously disheveled the feathers of his bride Joanne (39) when he confesses his unrequited love for Puerto Rican beauty

“He’s always expected to be compared to someone of his level for status, career and wealth – and the closest person to his level is Alessandra,” New Idea’s spy recounts on the set

“Joanne is a single mother trying to support three children from a barber’s wage who shop at Kmart, and he’s a multimillionaire – it’s always been difficult,” the spy continues

The grooms are said to have been “shocked” when they were replaced by the former expert Dr Trisha Stratford was notified

“They quickly Googled her and were impressed when they realized how hot she was”

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Married at first sight 2021

World news – AU – Expert on Married at first sight caught in the love triangle!

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