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The Sandra Bullock Miss Congeniality vehicle came out 20 years ago today, enough time for some aspects of the film to appear dated The establishment of a tomboy FBI agent learning a new respect for more conventional girls by participating in a beauty pageant Obscured, clearly feels like it was in the 90s, a response to a perceived narrow-mindedness in the workaholic feminism of the era lagging behind Not to mention the finale, which climaxes with a bomb that explodes to destroy an artificial Statue of Liberty That type of stunt would be in the post-11 world just nine months later September inconceivable But perhaps the most distant idea from all of them is that of a Sandra Bullock vehicle

Don’t let that be any objections from Ms. Bullock’s skills or fame, but rather the industry that once gave them a worthy platform.Today’s Hollywood has almost no projects like Miss Congeniality for A-listers like Sandra Bullock, a once-sturdy blockbuster Race that is all but extinct Executives moved away from the star-driven studio comedy, their bread and butter, and strayed from the righteous path only a decade and a half ago.A reminiscence of Bullock’s career-defining achievement will leave every viewer 25 and over with memories overwhelming in this kind era and simple joys that came with high profile premises executed with wit and charisma we were so good at it and so good were their prey it’s hard not to wonder what the hell happened

It was only a decade and a half ago that executives moved away from star-driven studio comedy, their bread and butter, and thus deviated from the righteous path

Miss Congeniality falls into a personal category I mentally called The System Works Movies ™, examples of the showbiz machine working as planned. We start with some promising fish-out-of-water dynamic that is too weird This is literal screenwriting with a well-defined three-act structure that ticks all the boxes.There is a relatable flaw (Bullock is a huge clunk we can’t tell), a funny buddy (at maximum droll Caine kills every line), an arc that changes the protagonist for the better (instead of knocking away her emotions) our girl comes into contact with her feelings) This film and the likes of it are highlighted by clever writing and a gratuitously sympathetic twist from its leading actress, making the formula something more comforting than dazed.It’s as if you heard a perfect one the first time Pop songs already know how the chorus goes

While attempts to emulate this particular model of success have spawned many terribly bad films, they have also produced some of the best results American comedy film has shown for itself in the past few decades, The Wonderful Legal Blonde is the negro twin of Miss Congeniality, who reverses the equation so that powder puff Reese Witherspoon is among the alpha women and not the other way around. Before both, Julia Roberts has transplanted the person “Tropie with a heart of gold” into the tony interior of Beverly Hills with Pretty Woman Sister Act fits the profile, as Whoopi Goldberg’s rude lounge lizard is hiding in a monastery from the mafia. From a newer year, the youngest I can imagine, we have Easy A in 2010 Emma Stone is a fish out of the adult waters of sexuality, a stupid but exceptionally attractive virgin who disguises herself as the swimming person everyone assumes is anyway

These titles were gigantic hits for their studios, all of which topped the $ 100 million benchmark, with the exception of Easy A, which grossed $ 75 million (pretty impressive compared to its $ 8 million budget ) They weren’t quite as cheap to make, but they fell far short of the budget surge that a particular CGI spectacle demands. More importantly, they can be easily conveyed in the shortened form for pitch meetings, which makes it easy to advertise You hear “Reese Witherspoon goes to Harvard Law” and the film immediately takes shape in your head. For a long time the business has been run in such a way that calculated risks occasionally lead to surprise blows to make up for any flops. With a little luck, a new movie star can be replaced by an eponymous Punch like this one that brings with it the promise of more paydays for the studio that is fueling its popularity

But looking at Easy A’s timeline as the end of an era, the last hurray before efforts to keep this style of filmmaking going, became rare and ineffective solo comedies for actresses who were at the forefront of their game died in the 10s Years ago, when Tinseltown repeatedly failed to sell America to a new treasure, and then seemed to lose interest in the Trainwreck 2015, Amy Schumer foretold a bright future, a profitable company that doubles as a showcase for a successful personality serves an original, atypical look It was two years before she got back into cineplexes, with the terrible double punch of Snatched (she and mother Goldie Hawn are kidnapped in the jungle) and I Feel Pretty (a head injury fills a gentle woman with sky-high self- ) Appreciation) who both fueled Rebel Wilson needed two pitch perfects to get their own shot – we’re discounting How to Be Single, which is at the top with Dakota Johnson – and then two more to bring the deconstructivist romcom parody Isn’t It Romantic to theaters by 2019 “It’s not romantic, no” the audience replied, avoiding the film for $ 6 million opening weekend

Melissa McCarthy seems to be the spoiler of this critical framework, but I’d argue that the 2015 hysterical spy is more of the exception who confirms the rule McCarthy exploded after The Bridesmaids in 2011, an ensemble piece that the Apatow form comes a lot closer than the studio comedy standard, collaborating with writers Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo, and director Paul Feig then worked for her, and reuniting with Feig worked again on Spy But She’s Only As Good As That Material she works with, as we learned from her numerous unfortunate collaborations with husband Ben Falcone (The Boss, The Life of the Party, The Happytime Murders, Superintelligence) She has more than a fair share of chances, but it still has a strong BS smell, as Schumer and Wilson have had a hard time finding scripts worthy of their skills in the meantime, it seems like six months couldn’t be without one Another parody of the bankable, repeatedly awarded Kevin Hart perish

He has been able to develop his own slice of a franchise-obsessed entertainment economy, in which characters a studio can own and control rise as stars while the actors they portray are interchangeable when their contracts Going Too Expensive Any executive worth their Rolodex would rather get a near-guaranteed payout of $ 800 million on a $ 200 million budget – who won’t appear for Avengers 5? It’s too big to fail! – Than throwing the dice on a $ 30 million production that might show up with Bupkus’ cumulative effect is an illusion where Hollywood no longer has the movie stars to create a human image, but that’s one of itself fulfilling prophecy that only makes the cinema landscape flatter and more boring

A whole generation of female talent have been denied the shot on this version of the big time, without settling for admirable works based on the indie spheres, Haley Lu Richardson, for example, has provided us with hard evidence that She’s funny on the whole (see: Support the Girls) and that she’s a good actress (see: Columbus) Where’s your Miss Congeniality? Or America Ferrera, who has been so reliable in the five years she has spent at television’s best sitcom superstore? Or the grossly underrated Teyonah Parris (above), who is full of jokes in Dear White People? Anna Faris had her Miss Congeniality moment with The House Bunny in 2008 and she stuck the landing where the rest of her big screen career is? At least Tiffany Haddish seems to be fine

To think that Miss Congeniality might one day be a relic of a forgotten movie mode is bleak, but the good news is that it’s not out of reach. The catch is that restoring this once proud tradition to its former glory takes more than the simple willingness to do so in these films, there is no digital smoke or mirrors to be included during post-production as covers for lack of expertise.Nothing but good old-fashioned writing, directing and acting can make The System Work a course of action which is as difficult as anything else in life worth doing Fortunately, the 2021 class is more than up to the task We have plenty of potential Sandra Bullocks in the starting blocks

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Miss Congeniality

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