NSW Nationals MP Michael Johnsen offered a sex worker 1US $ 000 to attend the state parliament for sex and sent the woman a series of lewd text messages and an obscene video while parliament was sitting may show an ABC investigation

This morning NSW Nationals Chairman John Barilaro urged Mr. Johnsen to resign from Parliament for his “disgusting behavior”

Mr Johnsen has vigorously denied allegations in the NSW Parliament this week that he sexually assaulted the woman at a lookout point in the Blue Mountains in September 2019

The NSW Police Sex Crimes Squad is investigating the alleged sexual assault and has yet to decide whether to bring charges

She didn’t name Mr Johnsen, just saying he was a member of the coalition government

In a statement, Mr. Johnsen said without admission that he would step down from his role as Parliamentary Secretary and would not sit in the Nationals Party Room or Common Room Party room while the police investigation was ongoing

Now the ABC can reveal that the same woman claimed that Mr Johnsen “sexted” her during Parliamentary Question Time and sent her a video of him doing a lewd act

In an exclusive interview, the woman shared with ABC that she met Mr Johnsen after responding to his online sexual services advertisement in August 2019

At ABC, hundreds of online and text messages were sent to the woman from Mr Johnsen’s phone between August and September 2019

The ABC has verified that the mobile number is his and has been listed as his contact number in Parliament’s press releases over the years

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When the woman responded to an online advertisement for sexual services, she had no idea she was dealing with a politician

The man on a free classifieds website offered “cash for BBBJ” – an abbreviation for fellatio without a condom

In messages to her through the website, he sent her a photo of himself, revealing, “I’m in politics, I’m a MP … I’m also divorced and not connected so I don’t have to worry about that Wrong doing I’m still trying to keep everything updated even though X.”

“When he said he was a MP, I thought no at first,” the woman told ABC

“I thought it was someone trying to set it up because I thought they’d sent photos of themselves when I didn’t even ask for one”

What surprised her even more was his offer to sell her 1Paying $ 000 to visit NSW Parliament House to have sex in his office

“If you wanted I would love to call you here at PH for lunch when I’m done and dessert, well we know how that could be (wink emoji)”

She replied, “Haha, that might be fun!” And he said, “When you’re ready, let’s do it”

He instructed her to wait for him in the anniversary room of the NSW Parliament, a large, listed library with book-lined walls and a stained-glass ceiling:

“You can come to the anniversary room if you’re here earlier. It would be helpful to know that you are a name When we meet, it is not uncomfortable “

Her communication then switched from the website to cell phone text messages September 2019 an SMS with the words: “Hello, I just called you while driving. It’s … x”

“I have spoken to the NSW police voluntarily and will and will continue to work fully with their inquiries

“Without admission, I have decided to resign from my role as Parliamentary Secretary and will not sit in either the National Chamber or the Common Party Chamber”

After their meeting at Yellow Rock Lookout, Mr. Johnsen invited the woman to his apartment in Potts Point and sent photos of the unit and the roof overlooking the harbor

She declined, but agreed to accept him on April 23 September in the Blue Mountains where she was performing paid, consensual oral sex

The next day, the 24th September 2019, the woman wrote him a topless photo of herself, to which he replied: “Hmmm not fair I’m sitting in the chamber with a hard on now! Xxx “

Hansard reveals that at the time he was in the House of Commons during a debate about water restrictions

The official video from the NSW Parliamentary Library shows Mr. Johnsen at 5 a.m. in the Chamber, texting 30 p.m. on his cell phone

Two days later, on Jan. September 2019, he was in parliament to pass NSW’s Reproductive Health Act

In a text message exchange that lasted more than two hours, Mr. Johnsen said to the woman, “I’m into QT and f *** I’m horny and want you so badly – need you, I want you and me cant wait to fuck you over and over again xxx “

At 15At 53 o’clock he sends her a video of a man who appears to be masturbating in a toilet

The MP and the woman met on Thursday the 26th September, one last time on Lennox Bridge, where they said they paid for consensual sex

She claims he only made a partial payment for this third meeting and stopped replying to her text messages

He posted new ads for sex on the site, but didn’t deal with her again

On 24 In October 2019, the woman complained to her local MP Trish Doyle about Mr Johnsen’s behavior

In an email, Ms. Doyle advised her to go to the police and gave her some information about support services

The woman told ABC that she did not report the Yellow Rock incident to the police at the time because she did not think they would take her seriously

“I don’t trust the police. What was the point when I answered an ad from [the classifieds] – a prostitute complaining about sex? I don’t think it will be high on her agenda”, she said

Mr Johnsen was a member of a parliamentary committee on ethical standards that conducted a 2018 Code of Conduct review for NSW MPs

The Code, first adopted in 1998, states that the members of the Members “must maintain the public trust placed in them by performing their duties with honesty and integrity, respecting the law and the institutions of Parliament”

The NSW National Party’s Code of Conduct and Ethics states: “Members should continue their activities with an obligation Ensure ethical behavior that is central to integrity, honesty, responsibility, respect, humility, fairness and compassion “

The Code requires members to behave with integrity “to maintain and strengthen public confidence in the party and the political process” and “to ensure that their conduct is judged by reasonable, fair and informed people about every reproach is sublime “

“Members avoid behavior or practices that could discredit themselves or the party or other members of the party”

The Code also provides that members must not engage in online activities that could be construed as disparaging the party, or use social media to attack or abuse others, or make derogatory or offensive comments in any way Publish forum in any context

The sex worker initially decided to speak publicly about the MP after posting a controversial comment on social media

She had signed a petition on the matter and said the tweet made her angry and upset

“That’s when I started thinking about all the messages he’d sent me or the times he should have been in Parliament And I thought that maybe it would … violate his code of conduct. Maybe he’ll lose his job

“Someone in this position should be there because of their values ​​and beliefs and because they are loyal to them”

The woman filed a complaint with NSW police about the alleged attack in September last year

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