Netflix continues to create compelling content for real crime The Latest Unsolved Mystery Show, Night Stalker: The Hunt For A Serial Killer and American Murder: The Family Next Door Is Crime Scene: Vanishing At The Cecil Hotel, A Spooky Four Part Documentation on an unusual missing person case

I walked on this show without even knowing what was going on and boy was it wild? The Disappearance at the Cecil Hotel tells the story of Elisa Lam, a 21-year-old Canadian woman with bipolar disorder and an active Tumblr presence who traveled to Los Angeles in 2013. She checked into the downtown Cecil Hotel, only to disappear and to be discovered dead Days later, she was floating in a water tank on the roof, although there was little evidence of what happened, the LAPD released a bizarre video of Lam that was captured on an elevator camera shortly before she disappeared It shows her pushing several buttons, waving her hands, and looking out the door as if it were someone nearby

Rather than presenting all the facts to viewers in advance, the documentary slowly hands out bite-sized details for viewers to guess

This event sparked a flurry of conspiracy theories developed by internet pundits who studied the case extensively as they watched it. Has anyone watched you? Was there a ghost? Did the hotel edit the video to hide something? Has the LAPD covered up something?

While Elisa Lam’s disappearance drives the crime scene: Disappearance at the Cecil Hotel, it’s just as much about the national attention her case has garnered and the way it turned and it makes viewers’ own thoughts go wild on their journey

Rather than presenting all the facts to the audience in advance, the documentary slowly hands out bite-sized details to help viewers guess Develop your perspective on what is happening

The disappearance at the Cecil Hotel does a good job of gathering the points of view of those involved in the case. We hear from the hotel’s former general manager, a few hotel guests, a maintenance worker, a neuropsychologist, an LA historian, a youtuber, a detective and others. We don’t get any details from Lam’s family or friends? and some posts by the people closest to Lam could have given an important, better sense of who she was as a person. While viewers learn about Lam through Tumblr posts she treated like journal entries, the plays threaten the Documentaries often cross the blurred line between the fascinating criminal investigation and the spectacle it is supposed to criticize

I am concerned that the doctor is saluting exactly what he is warning of: obsessive internet sleuthing. Because while the online high that surrounds the case is part of the story, the way these theories are in brought to the fore while leaving the definitive facts towards the end, easily misleading viewers into thinking that there is something more ??? that someone is lying? and there are more details that need to be revealed. Interested viewers are less likely to fall into this trap, but it is something to be aware of as you embark on this journey, especially because it is so exciting

If you can’t stand how every unsolved mystery episode ends, well, unsolved, you probably won’t be happy with the way the disappearance ends at the Cecil Hotel, the documentary makes a conclusion about what’s with Elisa Lam must have happened, but the lack of hard evidence makes the most likely scenario uncomfortable mainly because this is exposed after a spate of conspiracies

Crime Scene: The Disappearance at the Cecil Hotel will likely enter viewers with the harrowing details of a bizarre case.It’s cinematic, detailed, and utterly wild just be careful not to get mad along the way

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