MANILA, Philippines – The employer of the unfortunate flight attendant Christine Angelica Dacera, who was found unconscious in a hotel bathtub in Makati City, urged authorities on New Year’s Day to ensure that the truth about her death comes out

The 23-year-old was later pronounced dead in the hospital, and it was Makati Medical Center that notified Makati City Police of her death

“Our wish is that the truth comes out in the interests of justice,” said the Philippine Airlines (PAL) Express in a statement on Tuesday Dacera worked as a flight attendant for PAL Express, the Philippine region’s flagship

“PAL Express mourns the tragic death of Cristine Dacera on 1 January during the New Year celebrations in Makati City, “he added

Dacera, continues PAL Express, is a “high-quality and professional PAL Express crew member who is sorely missed by her colleagues and friends”

Makati City Police Chief Col. Harold Depositary said the victim had “cuts and semen on her genitals” as well as bruises, bruises and scratches on arms and legs

A preliminary rape charge for murder was filed on Monday against 11 people who were with Dacera during the party, depositary added

PAL Express, meanwhile, said it “fully supports the flight attendant’s family at this most difficult time” ”

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Christine Dacera

World news – AU – PAL Express calls for “truth, justice” at the death of the flight attendant Christine Dacera