Rosamund Pike is at her best in I Care A Lot when she fully embraces the delicious villainy of a ruthless monster

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Her steely but mischievous eyes tell you instantly that she’s up to no good and that you will ride with us. We saw it in Gone Girl and it is here in I Care A Lot where her character Marla Grayson is less of a one Is psychopath, but just as amoral

Marla is a professional guardian appointed by the courts to represent the interests of people who cannot fend for themselves and have no one in their lives to take responsibility

That sounds noble in theory, but the system is open to exploitation by unscrupulous individuals who see dollar signs instead of compassionate acts Unscrupulous individuals like Marla

Most legal fraud occurs in consultation with doctors and directors of nursing homes. Marla has declared herself the legal guardian of an elderly person and takes full control of their medical care and finances She sells her houses and possessions in order to pay herself enormous fees for her service

Marla can take over someone’s life and they can’t say anything about it – they don’t even know about it until she, a stranger, shows up at their door with a court order in hand

If she sounds like a ruthless monster, she is.But she justifies herself to the audience by a voice-over about the didactic battle between predators and prey.She has no problem being a predator because the world is made up of founded rich people who sell the lie of “fair gaming to keep poor people poor”

And she wants to be rich – and there are many people in her orbit who are more than willing to get on with her plans (including characters played by Alicia Witt, Eiza Gonzalez, and Damien Young) when they see their setbacks get

Marla’s (and the movie’s) criticism of capitalism would be more effective if it had more teeth, but I Care A Lot spends most of its two-hour runtime on Marla’s side, blunting any really damning comment

Pike is almost too effective, her luscious villainy too irresistible to completely loathe. From her sharp canary-yellow suit to her fearless determination, Marla may be problematic, but she is fabulous

But if you think Marla is untenable, then I Care A Lot offers someone worse: Peter Dinklage’s mysterious Rasputin-bearded gangster figure with a secret connection to Marla’s newest victim, a rich woman named Jennifer Peterson (Dianne Wiest)

The battle of wills between Marla and Dinklage’s character turns into a competition over who is the bigger villain. Scenes between Pike and Dinklage should play better with two sharks circling each other, but Pike outperforms Dinklage’s caricature

There are caper elements in the film that are fun, but the film, written and directed by J Blakeson (The Disappearance of Alice Creed), rarely rises above solid entertainment – you keep expecting it to hit a little harder , but it never really does

Its frequent fluctuations in tone jar like sometimes forgetting it’s dark comedy, while the indulgent use of montages overlaid with trance music looks too much like a car ad

There’s one case where Pike is better than the movie she’s in, but that alone makes I Care A Lot worth checking out – and if it’s just a click away from streaming, the barrier to entry is just yours Time

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I’m very worried, Rosamund Pike

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