South Australia will impose a hard border with New South Wales from New Years in response to Sydney’s growing coronavirus outbreaks

Travelers from NSW are prohibited from entering SA unless they are important travelers, returning South Australians, or moving permanently

SA Prime Minister Steven Marshall said a 100-kilometer buffer zone will be in place for people living in border communities, including Broken Hill and Wentworth

People who switch to SA via NSW also have an exemption, provided they do not stop in NSW on the way

“We received advice this morning that suggests we need to tighten our border restrictions with New South Wales,” said Marshall

“Starting at midnight tonight, actually one minute after midnight tonight, we will again set a hard line

“There will be very few exceptions to this only returning South Australians, permanent residents or key workers are exempt from this rule

“Returning South Australians or resettlers must conduct compulsory self-isolation for 14 days”

State Coordinator and Police Commissioner Grant Stevens said the travel ban will go into effect at 12:01 a.m. on Friday

“To do this, New South Wales residents will have to essentially stop all travel to South Australia,” he said

“The Buffer Agreement, the cross-border community agreement, allows residents of Broken Hill and Wentworth to travel across the border and throughout South Australia

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“It will also allow South Australians living near the border to travel freely between Wentworth, Broken Hill and back into South Australia”

Nicola Spurrier, chief public health officer, said it was “worrying” that the full extent of the spread of the coronavirus in NSW is not yet known

“Despite the fantastic work the NSW Communicable Diseases Division has done, it is still not clear where the northern beaches cluster came from,” said Professor Spurrier

“There are now some falls that are not as closely and definitely associated with the northern beaches, and we are gradually seeing more falls outside of that area”

Commissioner Stevens said that travelers arriving from NSW requesting exemptions will have to fill out cross-border applications online and that checkpoint resources have been strengthened

“A few days ago we reintroduced staff at the Yamba, Pinnaroo and Oodla Wirra borders, as well as Wentworth,” he said

“We have police officers stationed there and they will continue to carry out this border control process”

NSW today recorded 10 COVID-19 cases, three of which are part of the new Croydon cluster in Sydney’s inner west

Meanwhile, Victorian authorities have confirmed more COVID-19 cases related to Sydney’s outbreaks However, the SA Prime Minister and the commissioner said there were no plans to reintroduce border restrictions on Victoria

“We will continue to monitor, but at this point there are no changes to the arrangements with Victoria regarding our border,” Marshall said

“At this point in time we are not considering any further changes to our borders for Victoria,” said Commissioner Stevens

“But as we see at NSW, it is an ever-changing situation that we need to monitor and if those changes need to be made we will do so as soon as this requirement arises”

There are now six active cases of locally acquired coronavirus in Melbourne after three more cases have been identified, in addition to three that were announced last night

Professor Spurrier announced two new COVID-19 cases in South Australia, both of which are international travelers

“They are in our Medi-Hotels, so it has nothing to do with NSW at all,” she said

“[The woman] is a family member of the two cases reported yesterday, so it appears they were in close contact,” said Professor Spurrier

South Australia quarantine requirements at NSW were previously relaxed in September, before stricter restrictions were announced today

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