Victoria has announced a royal commission on Crown Casino’s eligibility to hold a Victorian casino license

Former NRL star Sam Burgess allegedly failed a roadside drug test and was charged with traffic offenses in the southern highlands of New South Wales

The 32-year-old Burgess was stopped this afternoon in a BMW X5 in Braemar by officers from the Autobahn Police

The ABC suspects police are claiming he tested positive for cocaine during a random drug test, with a second sample of the oral fluid test sent for further analysis

He was accused of driving without a valid NSW driver’s license and in an unregistered vehicle, and will be tried in May

Earlier this month, Burgess was found guilty of intimidating ex-father-in-law Mitchell Hooke during a heated argument over his children

The couple gave different versions of the event in Mr. Hooke’s NSW Southern Highlands home after Burgess was notified his visiting hours had expired

But they both agreed that the former South Sydney captain had said the visiting problem was “inhuman” before things escalated

Magistrate Robert Rabbidge found Burgess guilty of intimidation, took up a conviction, and placed him on a two-year bond for good conduct

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