Carlton and St Kilda started with a bang after AFL action returned Thursday night

It was a free flowing football with 22 goals in the first half of the AAMI Community Series

Saint Brad Hill were back to their best when Brett Ratten’s team scored 26-point winners despite a late setback from the Blues

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The midfielder showed his skills on the outside with the return of 20-minute quarters, which produced a number of strong performances from players with strong stamina

Sam Walsh and Zac Williams were among Carlton’s best, while Jack Lonie scored four goals for St Kilda scored

There have been some injury concerns for both sides as the Saints lost first-term key defender James Frawley (thigh) Carlton key-forward Harry McKay also rolled his ankle for the second straight week

Jacob Weitering (hip) and Jack Newnes (rolled ankle) were two other blues who were forced to leave the field during season three, resulting in the majority of the players in the extended squad getting a run in the final quarter had

Yes, that’s right. Thirteen goals were scored in just 36 minutes at Marvel Stadium to start the AAMI Community Series

In the first season, everything was free flowing football between Carlton and St Kilda End-to-end actions resulted in a quarter with very high scores

“Is it quarter or three quarters time, Huddo?” Lions legend Jonathan Brown joked after the surprise performance with commentator Anthony Hudson

Surprisingly, it was Carlton Ruck Marc Pittonet who scored two goals New signing Zac Williams also put his first major in new colors

For the Saints, Max King converted early when Brett Ratten’s team competed in the preseason’s opening game

“Lots of points from interruptions Traditionally, goals come from sales, “Brown said at the start of the competition

The only negative for the Saints was the loss of key defender James Frawley, who suffered a soft tissue injury in his first term

Carlton fans already got a taste of what to expect from Adam Saad and Zac Williams when they faced the Navy against Essendon last week

But on the main stage at Marvel Stadium, top talent rose to the top throughout the game

Williams was involved from the first ricochet, issuing a free kick after late contacting Hunter Clark

Match Review Officer Michael Christian will likely look into the incident, with Clark likely not having enough strength to continue the game

It was his work on the attacking half that caught the eye after being deployed for over half in his time under Leon Cameron

But David Teague managed to give a spark to the attacking half of the ground Williams finished the game with multiple goals and 17 outings

Saad’s high point for the competition was in his third term when he scored on the run from outside 50 to score his first goal for his new club

His hand and foot efficiency (21 exits at 86 percent) was top notch throughout the game as he set up the potential top 8 team well from the halfback

Throughout 2020, St Kilda, getting the most out of Bradley Hill’s recruitment Coach Brett Ratten even suggested the players didn’t know how to bond with the three-time premier

But it only took a preseason game before the hard work on the training track came to light as the wingman played through the competition

His breakout was impressive in the first half Commentator Anthony Hudson said it was a “sizzling” performance by the midfielder

“He could crack the kilometer mark,” said Brown about the meters he had gained, as he was already above the 500 mark in the middle of the second quarter

“Undoubtedly the man on the trademark rule will help and you will see how they pass it to him”

“It was good to get the win. It’s good to be back in Melbourne and play Footy. Super happy with the result,” Hill told Fox Footy after the game

“I talked to some boys and I started tensing up towards the end of the third quarter. You feel it

“It’s a preseason game but I’m happy with my performance today as I get more off the ball and am able to run, carry and use my leg skills””

It wasn’t long before the AFL’s most debated rule came to light A free kick was paid in the first few minutes of the game

However, with less than a handful for the game, players seem to be learning how to handle it

St Kilda seemed to make the best of it – even if Jack Billings had a free game against him in his second term – with a posh goal for Hill based on the rule

Hill was able to run close to a teammate and get the handball to score the club’s fifth goal

Lonie was also spotted sprinting on a tag from a Carlton player near the gate in the first quarter, who immediately rushed back five meters to get out of the protected space and move freely

Oscar McDonald may have moved closer to securing a contract in the supplemental selection period after showing off heavily in Carlton colors

The former Demons defender has been tested in a new role for the Blues He participated in a number of jerk competitions and played forward

With Levi Casboult, Charlie Curnow and Mitch McGovern missing from the Blues Best 22, McDonald could well fight for the season opener against the Tigers

During the game against St Kilda rolled his ankle to Harry McKay and did not return to the field. While blues fans had their hearts in their mouths as the best and fairest reigned, Jacob Weitering walked down and hobbled off the field

“I think you would have seen enough if you were looking for the guy who can be the key depth,” said Nick Riewoldt

Carlton has until 9 March time to call and see if he should offer the big one a deal


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