More than 12 months of delicate negotiations over Des Hasler’s future continue this week as the Sea Eagles stars take responsibility for the “shit house” stance behind their record first-round loss

Hasler’s future has come under scrutiny after Saturday’s miserable 46-4 loss to the Roosters, the worst first-round loss in Manly’s history and a ninth loss in the last 10 games

The term of office of the experienced coach after 2021 has been discussed for more than a year The lengthy conversations raise questions about whether a new contract will actually come off the line

NRLcom expects Hasler’s agent George Mimis to meet again this week with Stephen Humphries, CEO of Sea Eagles

Both parties have insisted that talks on an incentive-based deal are nearing completion A source close to Hasler said the long and extensive talks are “nearing completion”

An incentive-based extension in 2022 would be an important vote of confidence for Hasler, as Manly is apparently holding the cards in negotiations, as there have been only a few positions for NRL coaches since the middle of last year and the club is slipping dramatically

It is assumed that several incentive scenarios were part of the ongoing negotiations, with the experienced trainer understandably being cautious of termination clauses

For the same reason, the sea eagles were previously burned by Trent Barrett’s chaotic exit in which he was paid off for the final year of his contract despite having Hasler installed as a replacement

The 42-point knocking of the sea eagles against the cocks continued a defensive rot that continued into the 12th century Round last year, with the Seeadler conceding an average of 36 goals, 2 points per game since August

Lock Jake Trbojevic takes losses as seriously as anyone in the NRL and said the responsibility for the shocker at the start of the season rests with his teammates, not Hasler and his staff

“I don’t think you can tell the way we played on Des,” Trobjoevic said on Monday

“He’s not out there. He’s obviously preparing us very well, so thoroughly. He works so hard, I’ve never seen anything like it and his album speaks for itself.

“I love being coached by him, he is a great leader and he fits in really well with running this club. You definitely can’t give him that kind of performance I hope he’s been here a long time”

The team’s dramatic decline in defense coincided with Tom Trbojevic’s injury problems, with Dylan Walker most recently returning to the full-back

Walker would play in the middle until Trbojevic’s most recent hamstring injury, the kind of upheaval Manly’s already fragile edge defense needed like a hole in his head

In particular, the left side, on which Walker had trained throughout the preseason, was at sea against the Roosters, taking the first seven of nine attempts at the SCG

“We played for the first 10-15 minutes, we were in the game and then we left the game

“We have to lick our wounds and finish what we have to because we’re doing a shitty job

“Only we players can fix it. The coaching staff can show any video we want, but if you don’t rock game day and show a little oomph it won’t change”

This Saturday is another daunting task against the heavyweights of the Premier League in South Sydney Walker expects to be the No. 1 to take over 1 jersey again against his former team

Playing for his own new contract, the 26-year-old said Trbojevic and Manly icon Brett Stewart helped coach him through a crash course of the fullback game to get him through the first month of the season

“There were parts of the game that I will continue to work on and I am happy to do so. I am not Tom Trbojevic

“I will continue to work with videos on where I can get involved in the game and where I can help as much as possible. I’m as filthy as everyone else

“There were two or three attempts over the weekend that I could have saved [her] I have to work on that “

Des Hasler, cocks against sea eagles

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