South Australia has announced its intention to introduce new border restrictions to part of Victoria following two new cases of coronavirus related to the state, hotel quarantine has been confirmed

“We intend to initiate a lockout for the greater Melbourne area by midnight,” he said

“People who are in the greater Melbourne area will most likely not be able to enter South Australia by midnight”

Returning South Australians, individuals who are entitled to move into the state, and individuals who are considered “essential travelers” are exempt

“Great caution is being taken with our moves in South Australia to ensure that we are minimizing risk while not taking steps that are not considered necessary,” said Comm Stevens

The Commissioner added that the decision to implement the hard border could change as South Australia awaits more information from Victoria

“My understanding is that more information will be provided in the near future,” he said

“However, we endeavor to ensure that South Australians or anyone else wishing to travel is informed as early as possible so that they can make these arrangements and cross this limit if necessary, before we make these changes”

Anyone who has traveled to the listed locations in the 14 days prior to the trip to the Isolated State will not be admitted unless they are a substantial traveler

“If entry is approved, there may be a quarantine requirement for government-designated accommodations (fees may apply),” the Tasmanian government’s Covid website reads

On Wednesday afternoon, the Victoria Department of Health confirmed two new Covid cases related to the Holiday Inn at Melbourne Airport

Of the two new cases, one is an employee while the other is a former resident who will be running the facility on Jan. Has left February

The department stated that exposure sites may be linked to the previous resident and interviews are ongoing

The two new infections mean the outbreak now includes three workers, two released guests, and a family of three who are no longer staying at the hotel

Prime Minister Daniel Andrews has confirmed that the Holiday Inn at Melbourne Airport has now been closed for a “terminal cleaning”

Approximately 135 hotel employees were dropped off Tuesday evening and asked to undergo testing and then isolate at home for 14 days, bringing the total number of employees in isolation to 220

Two other people connected to the Holiday Inn Melbourne Airport got a positive coronavirus test (# COVID19) today: a worker and a former resident who left the facility on Jan. The number of cases related to the Holiday Inn outbreak is now 8

Authorities believe that a medical device in the family room could be responsible for the cluster

Brett Sutton, Victoria chief health officer, said authorities believe the cases are related to the use of a nebulizer, a device that vaporizes drugs or liquids into a fine mist

“If this is inhaled and someone is contagious or later tests positive, the virus picks up and the mist can float in the air with very fine aerosol particles,” he told reporters on Wednesday

The guest who has an underlying health condition and their two family members contracted the virus overseas

Professor Sutton said it was possible that everyone on this floor of the hotel was exposed to the virus

Forty-eight guests at the hotel who are believed to be primary close contacts will be transferred to Pullman Melbourne

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Border with South Australia, Greater Melbourne

World news – AU – State wants to close borders with Melbourne after outbreak of Covid