The Wiggles celebrate an important milestone With 30 years of magical music, the band looks to the future with a new album “Greatest Hits”, which includes the great inclusive song “We’re All Fruit Salad” ”

Fans of the kiddo version of the Fab Four can embark on the 40-track album. The currently available “Greatest Hits” compilation contains songs from the three decades of music making by the crib rock band

The 30th Anniversary compilation includes favorites like “Hot Potato”, “Toot Toot”, “Chugga Chugga Big Red Car”, “Do the Propeller!”, “Rock-A-Bye Your Bear”, “Fruit.” Salad “and” Fruit Salad “so much more!

In addition to the OG (that is “Original Guys”), the album “Greatest Hits” also contains a large number of guests such as James Harkness and Jawan M Jackson, Lou Diamond Phillips, Robert Rakete, Taylor Symone Jackson and Victor Valdes The guests not only appear with the “Guys” on the album, but also appear in a brand new Wiggles video for the track “We’re All Fruit Salad” ”

Happy fans down under can see the band on a new tour. The Wiggles already have 41 as part of their Australia tour000 tickets sold in advance in New Zealand Although the band did not announce US According to a press release, “Once it’s safe, the Wiggles plan to personally welcome their legions of fans across North America” ​​

While you’re waiting for the Wiggles to tour this side of the world, watch their new music video for “We’re All Fruit Salad” here and download the album here

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World news – AU – The OG Wiggles are back with a greatest hits album for their 30th anniversary