COMPLETELY Clueless It’s official now MPs have no common sense or conscience If they did this there was no way they would be increasing 3Accept $ 200 based on our current unemployment, bankrupt businesses, struggling families, carbon tax, etc. You have a nice stable income of 182$ 600 and the greedy MPs want more from our taxes Disgusting and greed at its finest And that’s not all, the ministers are getting an extra 4$ 700, and that poor excuse for a prime minister gets on top of his whopping 365 salary$ 200 additional 6$ 400 Talk about overpaying an incompetent prime minister whose performance doesn’t justify his current salary, let alone the raise. But hey, they love him in the East With all the perks he’s given them, he’s sure to be next Winning elections by a majority What a sad stateORIE MANDRYK (Welcome to Justin Trudeau’s Canada)

SEE IT COMING I see in the newspaper that the guy who lives in the Watermark area in the northwest is very upset that there will be some future development in his area, I look at his photo so deadly serious standing there to stifle any development near his home I have to laugh these people buy a house with a lot of open land nearby, but it’s worth millions of dollars and don’t stop thinking about what’s coming. The same goes for people who upset the golf course in their area and are being sold to land developers These golf courses were built on the outskirts of town a long time ago then the town surrounded the golf courses and this land is priceless time to cash in! It’s that simple folks! Lots of conversations and meetings about future development and all for nothing cannot stop progress. The next time you decide to buy a house, ask yourself what is going on in this empty country one day in this empty country Land is worth millions of dollars, but they sure leave it empty just for you! RON NORTON (Nothing stays the same)

WHAT IS, DOCS? I just read Ashley Joannou’s article on the government’s offer of contract to doctors in Alberta What I noticed was the fact that only 53% of eligible doctors cast a vote, so I’m curious why when this is such a controversial one The topic is why so few members bothered to vote It seems to me that there are many other public and private organizations out there that would put numbers over 90% on votes on such important issues. I don’t want to judge doctors as I appreciate everything they do, especially this year I just wish , the NDP would not viciously persecute the government on this matter if it was clearly not that important to the doctors themselves. Instead of offering helpful conversations in the government, the NDP is continuously attacking every move they take. It gets really boring. Don COULTER (It’s incredibly annoying )

KEEP YOU RESPONSIBLE Liberals failed the pandemic response and vaccination rollout, so they are in favor of those over 22nd000 COVID-19 deaths in Canada caused by this lack of response Liberals were arrogant, dismissive and especially apathetic in their decision-making in the early days of this pandemic and remain unable to provide the second dose of the vaccine for the Delaying Public To me, this is criminal behavior and there should be a class action lawsuit against Justin Trudeau and all of his friends, at least it’s manslaughter and Trudeau as the head of this debacle should be held accountable and imprisoned for life PAT ANCELIN (guy has more lives than one Cat)

LOVE FOR ALBERTA I vote conservatively at both the federal and provincial levels! I live in Ontario and have traveled many miles around our country! My father was born and raised in Vermilion, Alta, and my son and his family live in Alberta These are my connections to the West! My concern is with some of the comments that come from newspapers in the West about us in the East. The vast majority of Westerners are great people, just like the Easterners. I would like to see the negative comments about different parts of this country fade a bit from the media! It is not good for us to beat the West or the West! Many Easterners dislike this incompetent Prime Minister as much as the West. Please don’t throw us all in as Western haters because we are not. We understand the situation out there because I have a family in the oil business. We need the West for who it is Now sometimes when I drive out with Ontario records I think I can become a target It’s happened where vehicles have been targeted and that’s just not right! Whenever I see Alberta plates here in Ontario I blow my horn and give them my thumbs up! Safe day for all first responders and the people out there to make it work! PHIL BEACOCK (It’s BC. that makes itself known for bad behavior towards visitors during the pandemic)

THANK YOU FOR NOTHING I just read in the newspaper that we were on the same day, 1st April, can expect a tax increase and a wage increase by the federal government In my opinion, the federal government should focus more on better vaccination procedures than on this boondoggle! I want to say a big thank you to Eastern Canada for keeping this Yahoo in power I sincerely hope your gas and electricity bills don’t go up as much as I fear you reap what you sow JOHN HANCOCK (your billing will come)

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