SPOILER ALERT: This story provides details on the episodes of ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19, Sept. March

Just like the fall finale, Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19 returned from hiatus with another powerful and deeply emotional crossover, today’s episode focused on the aftermath of the dramatic rescue of two kidnapped black teenage girls by the off duty Station 19 team and the arrest of Robert and Dean by an overzealous white cop It also said goodbye to one of Grey’s Anatomy doctors, Andrew DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti), just as the ominous ABC promo suggested (read Deadline’s interview with Gianniotti here) / p>

While all the firefighters at Station 19 tried to process the previous day’s events and discuss issues of racism in police work, the series brought the multi-year kidnapping story to a close Opal – the alleged child trafficking kingpin who triggered his manic episode last season – seen in the Gray Sloan parking lot and drove off with his sister Carina after Opal’s car The DeLucas let Carina’s girlfriend, Ward 19, Captain Maya Bishop, and her team help with the operation. Eventually, Opal was arrested, but not before her accomplice stabbed DeLuca

With his sister by his side, DeLuca was taken to Gray Sloan, where he underwent successful emergency surgery led by Owen and Teddy He later developed DIC and, despite Owen and Teddy’s best efforts, died in the operating room

When DeLuca was on the verge of death, he spent time on the beach in a dream sequence with Meredith, who was unresponsive in the episode and was plugged into a ventilator

“I don’t know what’s going to happen from here, Meredith, but no matter what, I want you to know that I never felt like you saw me I’ve never felt as inspired as you inspired me You made me not only want to be the best I am but better, ”he said. The duo, whose burgeoning romance was disrupted by the pandemic, had a touching closing conversation before DeLuca told her,“ You will be fine Meredith “and ran to his late mother, who waved to him. Just as his body flattened in the operating room, he met his mother on the beach in a sweet hug

In an interview with Deadline, Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19 showrunner Krista Vernoff discussed the decision to kill DeLuca this season, the significance of his death, and the impact of his sudden death on his sister Meredith and the other doctors Gray Sloan She also teases a big teddy-owen bow after her newfound Bond fight for DeLuca’s life and a George Floyd / BLM story on Ward 19.She also explains if we’ll see DeLuca again and goes into Meredith’s status – as well on the status of the series, which is scheduled for Season was not renewed (read more here)

DEADLINE: When did you decide the DeLuca character was going to die? Was his mental crisis a point last season where you considered writing him off?

KRISTA VERNOFF: No, it was one of the first creative ideas I had when I imagined what this season would be like. It’s like I said like, the stories tell themselves I’m just trying to get them as soon as possible and this story was told to me as I was walking on the beach and imagining the time of year and I was like, oh no, really ?! But it felt powerful and important and I don’t always know why, but that was the story that came

DEADLINE: Was it important to you that DeLuca fully redeemed himself before he died? He helped the kidnapped girl and Bailey earlier this season and did one last brave act to arrest Opal

VERNOFF: Yes, it was extremely important to me that it was clear that he was in his psychological crisis and that following up the history of the sex trafficking was based on his bravery and goodness as a person and that, in my opinion, we did well Didn’t want to risk sending the message that he died of his mental illness.He died after coming through his mental crisis courageously and powerfully, and he died as a hero.He probably saved many lives in the future

VERNOFF: That story was the most vivid story I’ve had in the season, I knew exactly what we were doing and how we were doing it, and when we got a shape and we knew when it was going to happen in the season, it came Giacomo came in to meet and we introduced him to him.He was so gracious and relieved that it wasn’t a psychological crisis story, that it was all the things I said before.He was just relieved that we were facing this character That he went out brave, that he didn’t kill himself. That he didn’t hurt anyone. That he was clear about his sanity and went out in that really noble, brave way. He was brave

FRIST: How will DeLuca’s death affect his sister Meredith and the other doctors at the hospital?

VERNOFF: There’s a profound impact. He was loved, and all of these doctors came together on the intervention and really looked after him. So there’s a real impact on his sister and everyone who loved him. The big question mark is Meredith you know Meredith isn’t awake and while she was on that beach with DeLuca there’s a question mark how that will affect her

DEADLINE: In DeLuca’s conversation with Meredith on the beach, he sounded prophetic as he told her, “Meredith, you’ll be fine” We should read into it a lot – is he right?

Deadline: How about Giacomo and the rest of the cast on his final episode?

VERNOFF: I feel like everyone brought their A-Game in terms of performance on all storylines and I’m really grateful to Giacomo What I told him at the table when we read this episode is, thank you, for playing this character so powerfully and beautifully that you are giving the world the opportunity to feel our collective grief in your death

Deadline: Will we see him on the beach after DeLuca’s death? This has become a great place for you to bring back any character you want

VERNOFF: There has been some discussion about getting him back to the beach, but we all felt that his exit with his mother was so profound and powerful that I cried harder than seeing this than I have in years Cried to see anything on our show so we didn’t want him to come back to the beach. You’ll see him again. He’s on more episodes this season, but I don’t want to spoil what that is

DEADLINE: In his final hours, DeLuca seemed to have brought Owen and Teddy together in their grief when they couldn’t save him. And Teddy had just let Koracick go when the coming Owen and Teddy closer to reconciliation happened?

FRIST: On Station 19, as I watched the characters process the events of the Fall Finals, it almost felt like listening to the writers of the series in the writer’s room and processing the events of last summer for yourself it to write these conversations between the different firefighters?

VERNOFF: Well, we have a very diverse cast and a very extensive cast and authoring room, and we honor and involve many voices and many perspectives when we talk about these profound issues, so the process is really inclusive >

DEADLINE: What’s next for this group? Dean filing a lawsuit is a new element that could provide some insight into the judicial system. Is it something that will be a major line of action in the future?

VERNOFF: Yes this is a major storyline for the entire season, Our season still lives in May and June 2020, and if you remember, in April, May and June 2020 as a nation we have George Floyd’s death and uprising subsequently processed, and therefore we bravely face many of these issues as they evolve on the show

DEADLINE: You finished the Fall Run with two really tough episodes in a row that included the death of Bailey’s mother, and now DeLuca died in the first episode back. Are there any light and airy grays?

VERNOFF: Is there a light and airy gray coming? Maybe later in the season we have some pretty intense things ahead of us and it’s just the nature of the year we live in It’s just a reflection of the year we’ve just gone through and I would argue that there are beautiful moments of light gives not airy, but when DeLuca’s mother shows up on that beach I mean, what’s nicer than that? Yes, it is profound, and yes, you can sense your feelings, but I would argue that these episodes are not all dark. In the dark there is lightness and beauty

VERNOFF: The effects of DeLuca’s death hit everyone differently, but it hits one of our characters who has reached his saturation level and breaking point

Station 19, Grey’s Anatomy Season 17 Episode 7

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