Week 17 is here, marking the end of the 2020 NFL regular season. For some teams, a win means anything to try to lock seeding, division titles, or wildcard spots to get into the playoffs while a loss could send them home sooner than expected

The postseason field has been expanded by one team each to a total of 14 in the AFC and NFC, which has made the late season results more interesting.Based on the current ranking, here is an updated overview of what each conference tournament would look like if the Playoffs would begin now:

(in parentheses) 1 Kansas City Chiefs (14-2), champions, AFC West The Chiefs didn’t get many Style Points in week 16 for their tough win over the Falcons, but the win still secured the AFC playoffs that first place and the lonely first-round reunion They are well positioned as favorites to repeat themselves as Super Bowl champions, resting key players like QB Patrick Mahomes for the meaningless home final against the Chargers on Sunday

(in parentheses) 2 Buffalo Bills (13-3), champions, AFC East The Bills locked the second seed behind the Chiefs with their loss to the Dolphins to end the season They took advantage of the Steelers’ decision to rest Ben Roethlisberger and weren’t interested in playing a second home game in the playoffs, The Bills will host the wildcard Colts in the first round

(in parentheses) 3 Pittsburgh Steelers (12-4), champions, AFC North The Steelers almost beat the Browns when Mason Rudolph started for Roethlisberger, but they ended up falling two points behind. They would have stayed here whether or not the bills that defeated the dolphins Now the Steelers have to play the Browns a third time in the playoffs, with Roethlisberger again this time in the spotlight

(in parentheses) 4 Tennessee Titans (11-5), champions, AFC SouthThe Titans survived the Texans in week 17 in a wild Southwest shootout with a last-minute field goal to avoid overtime and the division title ahead of the Colts to secure thanks to a better division record. They will lead the ravens in a rematch of a 11th road win Host week in Baltimore

(in parentheses) 5 Baltimore Ravens (11-5), second place, AFC North The Ravens took first place on the wild card with their wire-to-wire win over the Bengals. They will stay ahead of the Browns and Colts because they defeated both teams. Should the Titans or Dolphins fall into the wild card, both would be a game behind the Browns and Ravens. In the first round they play against the AFC South winners, either the Titans or the Colts

(in parentheses) 6 Cleveland Browns (11-5), third place, AFC NorthThe Browns ended their season drought in 17th place Season by making it through to the playoffs as the second AFC wildcard and third team in the division behind the Ravens and Steelers after beating the dormant Steelers at home in week 17, they’ll get a rubber rematch with the Steelers in the first round

(in parentheses) 7 Indianapolis Colts (11-5), second place, AFC SouthThe Colts are the third AFC wildcard team in the playoffs thanks to the Dolphins defeat after beating the Jaguars as expected in Week 17 will have the tough job of traveling to Buffalo in the first round The Bills and Colts didn’t play during the regular season

8 Miami Dolphins (10-6)
9 Las Vegas Raiders (8-8)
10 New England Patriots (7-9)
11 Los Angeles chargers (7-9)
12 Denver Broncos (5-11)
13 Cincinnati Bengals (4-11-1)
14 Houston Texans (4-12)
15 New York Jets (2-14)
16 Jacksonville Jaguars (1-15)

The Dolphins joined that group with their loss to the Bills and the Colts victory over the Jaguars The Patriots got too inconsistent to re-enter the wild card race and the week 15 loss to the Dolphins The Broncos and Texans are doing better than expected lately, but more thought is given for the next year for both teams The Chargers can think about what, despite all their recent wins, with all their close losses, could have been The Bengals were done When Joe Burrow went down in Week 11 The Jaguars and Jets have completed their battle for the top draft pick The Jags won it in week 16 with a loss to the Bears and the Jets beating the Browns

(in parentheses) 1 Green Bay Packers (13-3), champions, NFC NorthThe Packers secured home advantage in the NFC playoffs with their convincing win over the Bears and earned that single farewell in the first round, they’ll be in two Weeks to face the lowest remaining seed in the divisions playoffs

(in parentheses) 2 New Orleans Saints (12-4), champions, NFC South The Saints couldn’t catch the packers as they lost to the packers in week 3 But they still have No. Banned 2 seeds by hitting the panthers in week 17 as they had the better conference record than the No. Have 3 Seahawks they will open the playoffs of the bears they beat on the road in week 8

(in parentheses) 3 Seattle Seahawks (12-4), champions, NFC West The Seahawks kept up with the Packers and Saints but they stuck with it, with the results and tiebreakers not in their favor they’ll be in the playoffs Open Seattle against division rivals Rams, whom they beat at home in week 16

4 Washington Football Team (6-9), first place, NFC EastWashington doesn’t have much mystery what to do to win the division The soccer team is NFC East Champion and No. 4 with a win over the Eagles WFT drops out with a loss, the Giants steal the title Remaining schedule: at PHI

(in parentheses) 5 Tampa Bay Buccaneers (11-5), second place, NFC South The Buccaneers locked that top NFC wildcard spot in week 17 with their withdrawal from the Falcons, meaning they’re getting a street date with the Eastern Sub-500 champions in the first round, either in Washington or a rematch of a tight Monday night game at the Giants

(in parentheses) 6 Los Angeles Rams (10-6), second place, NFC West The Rams defeated the Cardinals to claim second place on the wild card and bounce back from two heavy losses they’ll be in first Round to get a rubber match with the Seahawks in better health and hope to have quarterback Jared Goff back as well

(in parentheses) 7 Chicago Bears (8-8), second place, NFC North The Bears didn’t do well in their loss to the Packers, but they still made it through to the playoffs with that last wild card when they got theirs Tiebreakers have retained over the lost Cardinals. As a reward, they will face a brutal street fight with the Saints

The Giants did their early part in holding the Cowboys off in Dallas, so now they have to hope Washington will lose to the Eagles to win the division

8 Cardinals of Arizona (8-8)
9 Minnesota Vikings (7-9)
10 San Francisco 49ers (6-10)
12 Dallas Cowboys (6-10)
13 Carolina Panthers (5-11)
14 Detroit Lions (5-11)
15 Philadelphia Eagles (4-10-1)
16 Atlanta Falcons (4-12)

The Cowboys were finally banned from the NFC East competition in week 17 with their loss to the Giants.The Eagles and Vikings joined that group in week 16. The lions and hawks are down here after they started the season The 49ers joined them with consecutive home losses to the Bills and Washington The Panthers’ week 15 loss at Green Bay was the eighth loss of the season They followed with a major one-ball win in Washington >

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